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NEW for GM A-Body
We now have a TREMEC Magnum 6-Speed PerfectFit™ kit for GM A-Body. This kit will fit 1964-1972 Chevelle, Tempest, GTO, El Camino, LeMans, Skylark, 442, F85, or Cutlass.

As with the C3 Magnum PerfectFit™ Kit, this is an SST Exclusive. The shifter comes out at the factory location and the console can be retained. This kit is the most complete kit you'll find. Absolutely NO GUESSWORK on where to cut and a precut sheet metal patch is provided with complete instructions. Our crossmember also brings your transmission to the optimum height to maintain the correct driveline angle while creating minimal tunnel clearance issues.  Plus it comes standard with the SST shifter which makes the throws short and positive.

Our TREMEC TKO 5-speed PerfectFit™ Kit for A-bodies has been around for years now and is very popular as well. Which one is right for your car depends on several factors. Our technical sales reps can talk you through the gearing choices and help you figure out which one will perform the best in your application.  Call us anytime, we're happy to help. 888-609-0023.

Chevelle with a Magnum PerfectFit Kit Driving Video
Chevelle with a Magnum PerfectFit Kit Driving Video

SST's "We're Different" Video Series - Shifters
Our video series continues this month with a feature on our shifter mechanism. First you'll see the shifter in action as Jimmy Matthews pins our camera girl to her seat with his super fast '72 Nova. Next, Dick McCord, VP of Engineering & Operations, takes us through the engineering behind the shifter. Jimmy "Tater" Matthews finishes the video with his review of the shifter's performance. 
Silver Sport Transmissions - Shifters
Silver Sport Transmissions - Shifters

Attention MOPAR Lovers!

We're very excited to announce we've chosen to sponsor the only digital magazine licensed by MOPAR.  At MOPAR Connection's website you'll find new articles uploaded daily and you can get weekly updates straight to your inbox if you subscribe to their newsletter.  The signup box is on the right.

Kevin Shaw, the Editor-In_Chief/President of Shaw Group Media which publishes Mopar Connection visited our facilities a few days ago and we were greatly impressed with his knowledge of all things MOPAR and his commitment to the brand. We know he shares our enthusiasm and our dedication to bringing the best to MOPAR enthusiasts. He got a sneak peak of what we're doing with this Coronet and it won't be long before you start seeing articles about the new products we're developing! Check out the article he wrote about us jumping on board here.
How To: Take Photos of Your Car Like a Pro
You don't need to know about f-stops or own high dollar equipment to take great photos. With a little natural light and a few tricks of the trade, you too can take beautiful shots of your car. Get the wax out, it's time to make your car center-fold worthy! Tips on our website.
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