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Thank you for helping Silver Sport Transmissions achieve a new record for transmission shipments in December! SST wants you to be as pleased with your purchase after your installation as you were when you placed your order.

The best way to insure this is by keeping us informed on your installation progress. If you have any issues, please call our technical service department at (844) 609-8187. I am confident you will find our service after the sale to be just as we said it would. And, you can always reach me at

In 2016, SST will continue to expand its product line, while improving our current products and processes. You have asked for more 6 speed Magnum transmission kits and we intend to meet this request. Not with a generic package using a one-size-fits-most approach, but with a kit specifically designed for your vehicle...a kit worthy of the title PerfectFit™.

Our series of videos on "What Makes SST Different" from the competition will be expanded. In fact, along with this newsletter, we are releasing the 3rd video in the series. Please watch it as Jeff Kauffman, SST's Vice-president of Sales and Marketing, explains why SST is able to quickly ship transmission kits designed specifically for your vehicle...and, why you can have confidence in the quality of our product.

The SST Newsletter will continue to be improved to provide you with more technical information and how-to videos.

These are just a few of our plans to ensure that SST products will continue to be the best value in the industry and that you can rely on SST to provide the quickest shipping and best customer service.

Happy New Year,
Jack Silver, CEO Silver Sport Transmissions
Free Shipping for the Rest of January!
From now through January 31st, you will get free shipping* on any Tremec PerfectFit Kit order. Call now to place your order at 888-609-0023.

Have you received quotes from several companies with different prices for the same project? It is critical to be sure the packages you've been quoted really are equivalent. We are so confident in our products and pricing that we will help you compare apples to apples with these quotes and if it turns out we've made an error in our quotation and priced it too high, we will adjust the price so it is lower than any legitimate quotation.

*Applies to the continental United States only. Those outside the lower 48 will be given a comparable discount. Valid on Tremec PerfectFit Kits only.
SST's Production Process
This is the 3rd video in our series. Jeff Kauffman explains how our production process helps us get the highest quality products out as quickly as possible. Our attention to all the little details delivers a superior product with customer service above and beyond reasonable expectation.

SST - Production Process
SST - Production Process

If you missed the first two videos, you can check out the playlist here:

Tech Corner: Why do you have to measure for a driveshaft?
Our PerfectFit™ Kits come with a custom built driveshaft with for your car, but they're often shipped later because you have to measure for your driveshaft first. Why? Most of the cars we deal with are over 30 years old now. In those 30 years many things may have changed: a rear axle or suspension may have been upgraded or replaced, the original suspension or rear axle may have settled or sagged, or an engine replacement may have shortened or elongated the powertrain system from the stock set up. In short, it's near impossible to predict how long your driveshaft will need to be. 

There's always an exception; Corvettes have a different suspension setup. Instead of the conventional coil springs, Corvettes have independent suspensions that use fiber-reinforced plastic mono-leaf springs. The driveshaft bolts in and the measurements remain consistent despite the age of the vehicle.
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