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Letter from the CEO
Dear Enthusiasts,
I'm often asked about the differences between SST's overdrive conversion kits and some of the other kits available on the market.  Adding to the confusion are claims of being "#1 in Customer Service", "#1 in Sales", "#1 in Tech Support" and other statements that can't be backed up.  I think there are several questions you must ask to make sure you're getting the kit that's right for you and your car:
  • Can I still use my factory console or will I have to modify it?
  • Will I have to cut my car?  If yes, do you provide a cutting template and replacement metal?
  • Will I have to source or machine any of my own parts?
  • Does your kit keep my driveline/operating angle within specification?
  • What makes your components/transmission modifications better than the other guys?
  • Can I see the installation manual?
  • What are the wait times for delivery?
  • What kind of payment options do I have? 
Over the next few months, we're going to give you an inside look at Silver Sport Transmissions through a series of videos.  We'll show you how we design our PerfectFit Kit, why we make the design choices we make, and how our business operates with a different philosophy than had become the industry norm.  We hope we can answer some of the above questions with these videos and explain why the SST PerfectFit™ Kit represents the best choice and value for your classic car.  The first video in the series can be found below.


Jack Silver, CEO

The Year End Event starts now!  This offer is good for all Tremec 5 or 6 speed kits and ends December 31st, so act now!  Get your Quick Quote today.
It's the Perfect Time for 10-10-10 PerfectPay™
Lock in the Year End Event pricing and free gifts by using the 10-10-10 PerfectPay layaway program.  It's easy, you pay 10% down and then pay 10% of the balance for 10 months.  If you purchase in November, the transmission will ship in September next year.  Can't wait that long? Propose a different payment plan, we're flexible.  You can pay in 4 payments of 25%, or start the 10-10-10 plan and pay it off early.  Learn more about our payment options here.
NEW C3 Corvette 6-Speed PerferfectFit™ Kit
We've been teasing you with a 6-Speed C3 PerfectFit™ Kit.  It is here! The shifter stick will come up in the factory location and you'll be able to use your factory console.  No one else has a kit that fits with your console, it's an SST exclusive! We also have a 6-speed shift plate to finish off the interior. We know you'll love it.  Check out our videos and more information here. This kit qualifies for the Year End Event! Call us for a quote today! 888-609-0023

Tech Corner
Tech Tip:  Avoid These Costly Clutch Installation Mistakes
Sometimes we don't like to read the instructions.  What can be so hard about bolting on a clutch?  Can there really be a wrong way?  Assured we are capable of figuring out how to thread bolts though holes, we may miss some essential directions that will not only destroy our clutch but will void the warranty.  Clutches aren't cheap!  Here are some installation tips you'll want to follow:
  1. Have your flywheel machined to give your clutch disk an optimum surface to start with.
  2. Clean all friction surfaces with carb cleaner before assembly.  Even a greasy fingerprint could lead to chatter.
  3. Check your slave cylinder for leaks and replace if it is leaking.
  4. Add a little grease to the end of the slave cylinder pushrod where it meets the release arm.  If you don't, you could end up with a chirp noise.
  5. Put a thin layer of grease on the transmission input shaft as well as the corresponding sleeve on the clutch disk.  If you use too much grease, it will sling onto the clutch and hurt its performance.  It should be enough for the clutch to slide easily on the input shaft.
  6. Tighten the clutch onto the flywheel in a diagonal pattern, tightening each bolt a few turns at a time.  Never tighten a bolt all the way if the rest are loose.  Don't use air tools, but use a torque wrench to tighten to the factory recommended ft/lbs. 
This clutch was bolted down in a circular pattern and tightened down one bolt at a time.
How To: Correctly Tow Your Car Using a Tow Dolly
If you have a rear-wheel drive vehicle, you could cause extensive damage to your transmission (manual or automatic) if you don't disconnect the driveshaft.  If your car has a manual transmission, the driveshaft rotates the output shaft of the transmission, but the input shaft doesn't rotate.  The pocket bearing, which is normally splashed with fluid as the gears rotate, stays dry and will eventually disintegrate into pieces.  Those pieces could then spread through the transmission and damage the gears and synchronizers. 
In an automatic transmission, because the input shaft doesn't rotate, the fluid is not pumped into the transmission and so as the output shaft turns, the gears, bearings, synchronizers, etc. remain dry.  This will cause overheating and failure.
Always disconnect the driveshaft and tie or wire it up.  Tape the universal joint bearing caps to prevent loss of the bearings.  If you remove the driveshaft, make sure you cap the tailshaft or drain the transmission fluid.  If you don't, the transmission will leak transmission fluid. 
Always read your owners manual before towing your vehicle.
Before you tow your car on a dolly, make sure you read all the instructions.  U-haul has detailed instructions on everything from using, loading, and driving with a dolly to recommendations for your towing vehicle.
New Video Series
This is the first video in our series.  We hope you enjoy learning about our company and how we design our products.

Silver Sport Transmissions - We're Different
Silver Sport Transmissions - We're Different

In the Autolab
Last month we told you about the C10 and Chevelle that joined the Corvette in our autolab.  We just added a 6-Speed PerfectFit kit for the C3 Vette and we will have more products on the way from our research on it.  This week, we brought in a new car to our autolab - a 1970 Coronet. We will announce the new products when they are ready here and on facebook.
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