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We can't think of a better way for fathers and sons to bond than over a car.  Our cover photo this month is of Charlie McClendon's father back in 1967. (Charlie can be seen in the background "photobombing".) Now, Charlie has the car.  You can read his story below.
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How To: Convert from Mechanical to Hydraulic Linkage

There are many reasons people may switch from mechanical clutch linkage to hydraulic clutch linkage, but installing this newer technology into your car can be a daunting task. Luckily, Silver Sport Transmissions has already designed PerfectFit™ Hydraulic kits for many classic car models to make this transition a simple, one-man job.  The most difficult part, lining up the master cylinder, pushrod, and clutch pedal, is already done.  You just have to follow our simple instructions.  For those of you who drive cars we haven't built a kit for yet, these instructions may help you fabricate your own.

We have hydraulic kits for Tremec TKO, Magnum, Ford Magnum, T56 Viper, T56 LS, Muncie 4 Speed, and Saginaw transmissions.


Learn more about our kits and view the instructions here.

What to Expect When You Convert from a Classic Automatic

If you convert from your classic automatic transmission to a SST manual or automatic overdrive transmission, you will find not only improved fuel economy, and reduced cabin noise, but you will also have more horsepower transferred from your engine to your wheels.  As we all know... More Power = More FUN!


SST's customer, John P., put SST's Tremec TKO600 to the test recently when he ran a comparison of his Corvette's performance with the TH400 vs the TKO 5-Speed from SST.  He includes Dyno data and also his own experience, what we like to call the "fun factor".  You can read his full testimony here.

Customer Tips - C2 Crossmember
The 2nd generation of Corvettes came with a welded-in crossmember which has tormented many customers.  You can try to scoot the engine forward, maneuver the TKO, and hold your tongue just right and fit it in or you can remove the engine and install the TKO.  

OR.... You can do what Lonnie Thayer decided to do and cut the crossmember.  It's definitely faster.  Read his testimonial below and then click the link to see a gallery of the modified crossmember.

Hi Jeff,

Took the car about 20 miles to a cruise and it drove beautiful. With 3:55 gears my 1st gear is effortless, and it cruises great at 70 to 75. Your trans kit is probably the one best modification a person could make to a classic. I also included some pictures of my crossmember mods. Like it or hate it, it made putting the trans in a snap, and it's not going anywhere. All the staff are wonderful also. Thanks for helping me make the right decision.

Lonnie Thayer

Charlie's Dream Car

Charlie was 8 years old in 1969 when his Step-Dad let him drive his 1960 Vette for the first time.  He caught the Corvette itch that day and through his life many Corvettes have come and gone, but the one he always remembered still sat in his Step-Dad's garage.  


Once he started rebuilding the 1960 Vette, he knew he needed a new drivetrain to turn the wheels.  He also knew the TKO PerfectFit™ Kits SST acquired from Keisler and continue to develop are by far the best on the market.

Scott Feldon - At the races
Jack Silver recently travelled to Charlotte, NC to watch Scott Feldon navigate his Corvette around the cones. Jack had a great time and even took some videos.  This is a couple of Scott's runs Jack captured on film.  Scott's running a TKO600.

10% Down, 10% a Month, 10 Months
If you purchase your Tremec or A41 transmission kit on the 10-10-10 PerfectPay™ plan this month, you will have it in your hands by June, just in time for Father's Day and more importantly, just in time for car show season!  

The plan is simple.  Let's say your order totals $3500.  You pay 10% down ($350) when you order. After that, you make monthly payments of 10% of the remainder ($315) for 10 months and we ship your transmission kit when we receive the last payment! You can also pay off the transmission at any time and get it early.  Find out all the details here.
Upcoming Car Shows - Come see us!
August 28-30              2015 Corvettes at Carlisle
Silver Sport Transmissions will be attending Corvettes at Carlisle.  Look for our tent on the Midway. More than 5,000 Corvettes will be on display, showcasing a great American tradition.  Join in the fun!  There will be a parade through downtown, autocross and burnouts. Click the image to learn more.
September 11-13        2015 Holley LS Fest
Silver Sport Transmissions will travel to Bowling Green, KY to the historic and beautiful Beech Bend Raceway Park for the Holley LS Fest September 11-13th.  The Holley LS Fest is the celebration of everything and anything powered by the GM LS engine.  There will be several events and lots of great cars. Click the image to learn more.
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