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The Pools of Marion, PA spent years of father/son bonding time to build this Galaxy.
Your Wife Called... She Said It's OK.
Are you tired of getting really bad ties for Father's Day? Don't be this guy.  Tell your wife and kids about our sweet Father's Day deals!
GM and John Deere - Your Car Belongs to Us!
Copyright Case Threatens Small Businesses, Automotive Aftermarket, & DIY Car Owners
GM and John Deere believe that despite the 10s of thousands you may have handed over to own your new vehicle, certain parts of that vehicle don't belong to you.  Specifically, they claim the software is only under license to you for the life of the vehicle.  If the US Copyright Office agrees with them, it could mean you'll need to head to the dealership rather than your corner mechanic when things go wrong.  This ruling would also effect the aftermarket parts industry and even repairs you may make in your own garage.  At SST, we've been following the news closely as it could definitely effect our business.  You can read more in the news section of our website where we've linked to multiple articles on the hearing.
How To: Determine Your Rear Axle Ratio
by: Ben DeHaven
The rear axle ratio of your car is instrumental in determining which transmission gear set is best suited for your car. It is also important to know the ratio as well as tire size to determine which speedometer gear you need so your speedometer reads accurately.  By following these directions, you can determine what the axle ratio is in your car.

You could also replace your rear axle with one built by Spraker Racing and we'll get you the ratio that's best for your drivetrain.
LGT-700 In Stock - NO DEPOSITS!
LGT-700 is now available for 1966-1970 Mopar B-Body!
Have you heard? The Legend PerfectFit™ Kits are back on the market!  The best part... NO money down. You pay when it ships and it ships super fast, right now, all models are in stock.

Silver Sport Transmissions' LGT-700s come equipped with our Gen6 billet shifter for a guaranteed PerfectFit™ and short, crisp shifts. Complete installation kits come standard for most GM applications.

Why buy a LGT-700?
  1. 700 lb-ft torque capacity
  2. 7,500 rpm capable shifts
  3. Compact, rounded case for a better fit
  4. Guide plate shift design, never miss a shift
  5. Advanced synchronizer design comes standard

You can read more about the Legend Gear and Transmission LGT-700 here or get a Quick Quote.

SST - Experts at fitting square pegs in round holes
Ever try to fit a square peg in a round hole? How about a square TKO into a round tunnel hump? About once a month we get a competitor's customer calling our tech line because they've run out of options... their TKO just won't fit!

Don't get buyer's remorse. You'll save a ton of money by calling us first instead of sending us your TKO to be modified when you find it doesn't fit.

If you would like to know just how the PerfectFit™ TKO is different from the rest, visit our Tremec product page or get a Quick Quote.
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