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The Year in Review, New Product Offerings and a Birthday Sale Celebration!


On May 19, 2014 Silver Sport Transmissions (SST) opened its doors to the public and sold its first TREMEC PerfectFit™ Transmission Kit.  Those first weeks of operation were full of long hours and lots of coffee as we worked to gain a foothold in the marketplace.


But with your help, SST has quickly become one of the top suppliers of TREMEC TKO and T56 Magnum transmission kits in the world.


We have operated the company on a set of core principles which are unique to SST:

  1. We never charge a deposit on a transmission kit.
  2. We keep the kits in stock and have the fastest delivery times available.
  3. Our PerfectFit™ kits set the standard for quality in the industry.
  4. We keep our commitments.  SST has an impeccable reputation for service both before and after the sale.

Our initial plan was to only supply manual transmissions, but then we attended the Carlisle Chrysler Nationals.  We were inundated with requests for the A41 Transmission, so we listened to you and brought it back into production.


The A41 is based on the GM 4L60E automatic transmission with special performance upgrades and modifications to allow it to be used in MOPAR cars as well as GM.


The A41 was quickly followed by the release of complete rear axle assemblies and crate engines ready to run right out of the box.  With a single call, you can now purchase a complete driveline package (engine, transmission and rear axle assembly) from SST and be assured of outstanding quality, a fair price and quick delivery.


As we enter our second year of operation, SST will continue to follow our core principles of no deposits on TREMEC and A41 transmission kits and fast delivery as well as the best quality and service available.  You can also expect to see us introducing new transmission kits and exciting new products!


Today, SST is announcing the introduction of three new offerings.


1.     Re-Manufactured Automatic Transmissions for domestic and import cars.  These are 

bolt in replacements for your original factory transmission.


This means we can provide all of your transmission requirements.  If for instance you have a 1986 Camaro with an automatic which needs replacing, we can provide it, and you can get it in 4 different stages of performance from stock all the way up to drag strip.

If you are pulling your car to shows with a 2005 Ford Diesel F250, we have the transmission for it as well.  And, it's also available in 4 different stages of performance beginning with stock which will increasingly add additional pulling power.


2.     The industry's first PerfectFit™ T56 Magnum transmission kit for 1975 to 1981 

Camaros and Firebirds!  If you have a 1976 Trans Am with an automatic transmission and want the performance/fun of a 6 speed manual transmission then look no further...because SST is the only source for this kit.


These are complete kits with cross members, PerfectFit™ shifter positioning with a billet aluminum shifter tower and the SST shifter.  This isn't the one size fits all, offset shifter design but a machined shifter designed specifically for your car which provides short, smooth throws and is compact enough to use your factory console and boots.


3.     An all new PerfectFit™ Tremec T56 Magnum 6 Speed Kit for 1964-1970 Ford Mustang

and 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar.  This package provides a NO TUNNEL CUTTING installation and is complete with all necessary components, just like our proven 5-speed kits.  These are in stock now for fast shipping.


These are the first of many exciting announcements we will be making over the next several months, so keep on the watch for further announcements from us.


But no birthday is complete without a we are celebrating by giving our customers the largest discounts ever, on TREMEC TKO and T56 Magnum transmission kits!  Call or email us now to get a quotation and lock in the savings.


On behalf of all of our SST family, thank you for supporting and trusting us with your projects.  It has been an enjoyable year and we look forward to a great many more.



Jack Silver, CEO
Largest Sale in Silver Sport Transmissions' History!

TREMEC TKO & T56 Magnum PerfectFit™ Kits BIGGEST SALE EVER

Call or Request a Quote today to get the best price we've ever offered on our TREMEC PerfectFit™ Kits.  Sale Ends May 31st, so act quickly! Remember, you can lock in your price by purchasing with the 10-10-10 PerfectPay™ Plan, you get 11 months to pay off your transmission, or pay it off early without penalty.
Offer Expires 05/31/15 New orders only.  Can not be combined with any other offers or discounts.
What Sets SST's TKO PerfectFit™ Kit Apart?

The PerfectFit™ brand was first introduced to the automotive market almost two decades ago, and since then, many businesses have tried to replicate the kit. Some of them claim to be complete, but lack essential pieces you'll end up having to source yourself.  Others use bolt on pieces to bring the shifter to the correct location, but in the process lose the correct shift geometry. Still others use inferior, catch all parts that are made from materials that just won't last in the long run. 

These are some of the PerfectFit™ differences:
  1. The Silver Sport Transmissions Shifter Mechanism is placed just where it needs to be to bring the shifter up in the factory console location. It's also, oil free / leak free.
  2. The shifter stub is at the proper angle.  Many companies keep the shifter at 90 degrees, whether the original shifter was like that or not.
  3. Our shifters do not leak.
  4. The Shifter Deck has been trimmed 1/4 an inch for more tunnel clearance.
  5. When the shifter needs to be offset, it is done completely internally which maintains proper shift geometry and on-center pivot unlike bolt-on shifters.
  6. The accessory mounting bracket is removed providing clearance for the crossmember and eliminating other interference.
  7. Mid cover plate is machined for a better fit
  8. We have an on-site R&D department with an autolab to measure and inspect cars as well as experienced engineers who design custom components for our kits.
Learn more on our website.

Drop It Into 6th - NEW PerfectFit™ Kit!
Dick and Eric work on the new shifter design.

TREMEC's T56 Magnum 6 Speed is a beast, capable of handling 700 lb-ft torque, but does so with unbelievable sophistication - providing short, crisp shifts and a rewarding driving experience. This is an aftermarket version of the transmission found in many of today's most revered factory supercars; meaning refinement where you want it and strength where it counts.

Now, for the first time ever, 2nd Gen Camaro and Firebird owners have a PerfectFit™ Kit available with all the components they need to put the shifter up through the console in the factory position!  

Mustang and Cougar owners, we didn't forget you!  We've also added 64-70 Mustangs and 67-70 Cougars to our PerfectFit™ 6 Speed line up.  

Call 888-609-0023 or Request a Quote today!
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If you've purchased a kit from Silver Sport Transmissions, you can get $100 off your next Tremec transmission PerfectFit™ purchase.  You can also refer a friend and if they give us your name and sales order or invoice number, we'll give them $100 off too!

It's our gift to you for being a loyal customer.  Thanks for a great year!

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Bulldawg Musclecars - Speed Matters
Bulldawg Musclecars gives us more shoutouts on Facebook than our moms! They love our products, but most of all, they love our speed. This is what they had to say:

"Quick service from Silver Sport Transmissions, as always! This T56 Magnum is going in the 1966 Corvette."

Customer Testimonial
Roger Carlyle - C3 Corvette
 I just wanted to let you know, I had the Vette out and what a difference. I would highly recommend your C3 transmission kit to anyone who's thinking of restoring a car to drive. Your kit and instructions make for an easy installation.  Very Satisfied.
- Roger Carlyle
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