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SST's Major Product Expansion! 

Silver Sport Transmissions has added Engine Factory turnkey crate engines to our product line. These engines are built to spec and can ship within 2-4 weeks.  Guaranteed to run out of the box, Engine Factory test runs all of their engines for 40 minutes and monitors 50 different performance outputs so you know everything is in working condition.  Engine Factory has been building Chevy, Ford and Mopar engines for 46 years now.  Check out all the different options on our website.

You can now build your entire drivetrain with one phone call and know that everything fits and works together.  Our engineers have several designs in the works and we are looking at more products to add and continue to expand our product line, so keep an eye out here for future updates.

The engines all qualify for our gamut of payment options, including First Mutual Financial financing and the 10-10-10 PerfectPay™ Plan.  Call to learn more, 888-609-0023.
Purchase Your Engine with the PerfectPay™ Plan

The new PerfectPay™ Plan isn't just for transmissions, you can use it to purchase engines or axles too.  The 10-10-10 PerfectPay™ is 10% down, then 10% of the remainder for 10 months.  On the 10th month, your order ships.  There are no penalties for paying off your order early and we're not collecting interest.  Terms and Conditions available here. International customers are welcome to use the PerfectPay™ option.

We also have customers who may like to make payments but need the transmission now.  For those customers we have financing available from First Mutual Financial.  We offer a variety of payment plans through them ranging from 90 days to 60 months.  Call for details, US customers only 888-609-0023.
Spraker Racing Axles Now Available for Mopars!
We told you last month about SST's new Rear Axle Assemblies from Spraker Racing. We're proud to announce they are now also available for Mopar.  Several different options are available, call Jeff to get a quote on a custom assembly for your car or truck.

This February we are offering FREE SHIPPING on all of our transmission kits to the lower 48 states.  Whether you're interested in the A41 automatic or one of our Tremec 5 or 6 speeds, it's a great time to buy!

*Cannot be combined with any other offers, offer ends February 28th, 2015
Forum Testimonials
We admit it, we like to 'google' ourselves!  Thanks for talking about us, please keep telling your friends about us.  Here a just a few of the people we found talking about us on the internet... - f18mech
In Oct I bought a 70 chevelle that had a 427 from a 69 vette and a TH350. Mileage was at best 10MPG with the engine doing 3000 RPM @ 60MPH.

I dropped the TH350 and installed a modified 4L60E 4 speed Automatic From Silver Sport Transmissions. I worked on this in my driveway as my garage contains motorcycles. I had this project stretch over several weekends due to weather and various other issues, but it is finally completed. 

This kit from Silver Sport was complete from the engine to the rear end. You will need to modify the cross member but that was an easy thing to accomplish at any welding shop. I ran across a few issues during the installation that were handled very quickly by Ben and Jeff at Silver Sport. 

The issues were more or less not understanding the installation and the wiring kit. The Customer Service at this company is the best I have seen in a long long time. - Johnjan
Quick follow up - after comparing prices and quality of components between Hurst and SST, I purchased a TKO-600 from SST to replace the 700R4 in my Camaro. Equalizing the "optional" upgrades from Hurst versus the "standard" parts from SST, the pricing was so close that my decision was not based on price, but on completeness of the kit. With Hurst I would have had to buy a few things, with SST is all from one vendor. So if I had any problems, it would have been one phone call to SST. - flemming23
I wanted to let anyone who may consider this path know that both Jack and Jeff at Silver Sport Transmissions were very easy to work with in piecing together a TKO600 swap for my 71. I took the car to Road Atlanta last weekend with the automatic and that was all it took to realize this car needs a manual (I have a T56 in my 70 Chevelle and it made the car SO much more enjoyable to drive)! Going this path certainly isn't for the penny pincher, and you can no doubt save a few dollars if you try to piece your trans together with used parts but Silver Sport includes everything from the reproduction shifter handle, to the full pedal assembly, and driveshaft (as well as everything in between).

I know I wanted a Keisler transmission back when I put the T56 in my Chevelle but there was so much negative floating around about that company (rightfully so) that I was very hesitant to contact them, thankfully. Unsure with 
Silver Sport as they are a relatively new company, I called my order in yesterday afternoon and was told it should ship by the end of this week, with upgraded carbon fiber synchros that I added. Jeff went through the order and confirmed everything with me and then immediately emailed over a receipt for me to review. All in all, a good experience like you would expect. 
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