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It is always the most wonderful time of the year at Silver Sport Transmissions!  We never take deposits and we deliver fast.  Why wait for months, weeks, even days for your transmission kit? We have it in stock!

Clutch Linkage Hacks and Tips
By: Ben DeHaven
Clutch linkage systems must be properly installed. If you don't get your measurements lined up correctly, the results could cause damage to a number of components along your drivetrain.  Don't worry; we have compiled a list of tips to help you with your install, whether you chose hydraulics or mechanical.  Check out Ben's tech article HERE.
NEW - Clearance Section
We have opened a clearance section for several items we wouldn't normally keep in stock, but we have one or two on the shelves left over from a recent bulk purchase.  Some of these items are discontinued and unavailable anywhere else.  We have put STEEP discounts on these items and we will continuously add parts until our inventory is cleaned out!  Check it out and forward the page to your friends!
It's the Year of the Fox at SST!

Tis the Season, Fox Body Enthusiasts!  The Chinese calendar may say it's the year of the horse, but at SST, it's the year of the Fox!  


We now offer Fox Body Pedals so you can transform your automatic into a manual with modified OEM pedals.  Send us your automatic pedal assembly core for a $50 refund.  These are available for purchase online or CALL US for the special year end discount!


Fox Body Pedals


What makes a great shifter?
Several companies have been bragging about their shifters, so we thought we would too.  Multiple positions? Check. We are able to mount our shifter tower in 15 different locations on the TKO. By changing the shifter stub, we can have the shifter come up anywhere you need it. Infinite possibilities.

Strong? Absolutely. Made from steel and billet aluminum, this shifter is both compact and strong.

Shift quality? The throws are short and crisp with no excessive play. You'll also find the gears are easy to find with our design that sends the shifter to center each time you move out of gear.

Does it leak? NEVER! Unlike some of the other shifters on the market, you won't hear about our shifter leaking.  

Read more on our website.
Customer Cars and Reviews 
Install your own automatic transmission?  No sweat!
Loch shared some photos of his beautiful car with us.  He purchased the A41 Automatic Overdrive Kit and installed it himself.  Although it may seem a little intimidating to install an automatic, our manuals will help guide you through the process and the transmissions come with the software pre-installed.  Of course, if turning wrenches isn't your thing, you can always check out our recommended installer's page.
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Thank you so much for the quick response and the manuals.  I did all the body work, fabrication, and assembly for the car. The only things I did not do was the final paint (primed and block sanded it), install front and rear glass, and the headliner. I also put in new Recaro style seats and matched the houndstooth pattern to the rears. The transmission install was totally me, and I had never done anything like that before. Great manuals. 


Again, thanks for the help,


James sent us his photo and was very pleased to see it featured on our website.  We love showing off our customer's cars, send us your car's photo at and read on to see what James thinks of our TKO.

I was looking at your website today and was very pleased to see my car on the main page of the 65-70 Mopar pages.  Thanks for displaying my pride and joy on your site!

The TKO conversion is the best thing I have done to my car to make it more enjoyable to drive (besides the stroker motor).  Thanks again.
We're more than transmissions...

Several auto body shops around the country and the world use us to supply them with bellhousings, hydraulics, and other parts.  Ben handles the part sales and our customers have been impressed.  Here's what Bryant King had to say.

Just wanted to send an email to thank you for all your time answering my questions.  Also, wanted to let you know that Ben has been fantastic as well.


I just placed an order for a bellhousing, flywheel, clutch assembly, and hydraulics.  I am amazed at the customer service you offer and excited to get and install your product.

Thank you, Bryant! 

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