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The Tremec PerfectFit™ Kit dominated the market for years because of the high quality parts, superior design of the kit components, and transmission modifications.  


The PerfectFit™ kit is back.


What does Silver Sport Transmissions have to offer?
Fast Shipping Times
When you're ready to install your transmission, the last thing you want to do is lay down a deposit and wait weeks, sometimes months for delivery.  Silver Sport Transmissions can turn around an order in 24 hours for popular models.  If you call early enough, we can even put it on the UPS truck the day you order it!  We will never ask for a deposit. 
Excellent Customer Service
Go ahead, give us a call!  You'll hear a real person pick up the phone and speak with people who know the product.  They can also help you with everything from installation to troubleshooting.  SST's knowledgeable staff can even guide you in the right direction to make the best transmission choice for your vehicle.
We will continue to highlight our expanding product line in future newsletters; until then, if you would like to learn more about Silver Sport Transmissions, you can read about us here.

Product Spotlight - GM 621 Reproduction Bellhousing
GM 621 Bellhousing

Having a hard time locating a good Chevy 621 bellhousing that doesn't have stripped threads or cracks? Look no further because Silver Sport Transmissions produces its own version of the 621 bellhousing. This new bellhousing is cast from thick wall titanium aluminum alloy, CNC machined to provide precise location of mounting and dowel pin holes, and the center bore that locates the gearbox. SST's bellhousing can be used with all factory type clutch linkage parts while the design maintains its original style appearance. The bellhousing weighs 15 pounds, works with a factory style 168 tooth flywheel and the appropriate standard GM starter. It even includes a new inspection cover and hardware making it a seamless installation process. 


SST also produces a variation of this bellhousing which works specifically with the GM LS engine platform and a hydraulic clutch actuator.



SST, your industry leader in producing quality kits, can supply you with everything you need to install an LS engine and hydraulic clutch.  

  • Bellhousing
  • Needle roller pilot bearing
  • Flywheel and bolts
  • Clutch kit and bolts
  • Complete hydraulic actuator kit

Both bellhousing styles are compatible with the following transmissions:

  • Tremec TKO
  • Muncie 4 speed
  • Borg-Warner Super T10
  • Saginaw 3 and 4 speed
  • Any manual transmission sharing this same bolt pattern and input shaft length requiring a 4.685" register hole. 

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