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Newsletter of 2nd Unitarian Church of Chicago
July 1, 2013
In This Issue
Coming Up at 2U
Sunday, July 7
Service at 10:30
Preacher: Rev. Darrick Jackson
Music by Carey Farrell

Sunday, July 14
Service at 10:30
Guest Preacher: Nic Cable

Sunday, July 21
Service at 10:30
Preacher: Rev. Adam Robersmith

Sunday, July 28
Service in the Park
at 11:00
Preacher: Rev. Adam Robersmith
Music by Audrey Shadle &
Jim Simonis
Children & Youth Faith Development Summer Schedule
Child care for infants and toddlers up to age 3 is available every Sunday in the Green Caterpillar room
(unless noted)

Sunday, July 7
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, July 14
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, July 21
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, July 28
Worship in the Park (Intergenerational;
no child care)

Sunday, August 4
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, August 11
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, August 18
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, August 25
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, September 1
Summer Spirit Play (preschool - 7th grade)

Sunday, September 8
Homecoming Sunday (Intergenerational)
Church Office Information & Staff

773-549-0260, ext. 13
Office Hours:
Wed-Thurs 1:00-9:00 pm
Dir. of Faith Development
773-549-0260, ext. 12
Office Hours:
Wed 1:00-6:00, Sun 9:00-1:00

Office Administrator
773-549-0260, ext. 10
Office Hours: 
Mon-Thurs 10:00-4:00 
Community Minister
Music Director
2U Ministry Leaders

Board of Trustees


Building & Grounds

Committee on Ministry

Finance Committee

Green Sanctuary


Lifespan Faith Dev.




Night Ministry Outreach

Pastoral Care

Safe Congregations 

Small Group Ministry

Social Justice

Sunday Services

Sun/Moon Group

Transylvania Church


Young Adult Group
Erin Rusmi
Board of Trustees 

From the Minister
Now that I've returned from our General Assembly in Louisville, KY, I want to encourage those of you who did not go to look at some of the materials online on the UUA website. GA this year included the election of Jim Key as our new Moderator, the re-election of Rev. Peter Morales as UUA President, and a lot of important discussion about covenant and commitment.
If you don't view anything else, I recommend you watch two things: First, Gini Courter's final Moderator's report, in which she speaks powerfully of the need for all of us to claim responsibility for our broader faith, rather than simply leave it to a President or Moderator.
Second, the Service of the Living Tradition, in which we examine our professional ministry and hear from ministers who reflect on the state of our faith. This year's service included wonderful music from the Tulsa, OK congregation supported by singers from GA, with a wonderful sermon by the Rev. Vanessa Southern of our Summit, NJ congregation.
Please check out these two links at least, and explore the rest. This year spoke so clearly to me of why GA is important in the life of our tradition, and I encourage you to discover that for yourself!


Rev. Adam

Greetings from the New Board Chair!
I look forward to serving the church as the chair of our board of trustees starting July 1. I would like to thank Berlinda Browne for serving as chair this past year and for her steadfast leadership of our congregation. I'm glad to know that she'll continue to serve on the board as past chair (and I'm sure that I'll look to her for guidance!). Thanks, too, to the following members who leave the board this year following their year(s) of service: August Staas, Amy Markley, Andrea Levasseur, and Jonathan Dunmore. The members of the new board of trustees are listed in this issue of The Anvil; it's a great group. Please feel free to contact any of us with questions or concerns. Our first board meeting of the year will take place on Wednesday, July 10 at 7 p.m. in the Palmer Room. Meetings are always open and you're welcome to attend! 

My theme for the coming year is: "Engagement, Connection, and Meaning." I hope that the new board, along with those folks chairing our committees this year, can help members, friends, children, visitors, and staff find new and exciting ways to engage with our congregation/ faith, that this engagement will lead to more and deeper connections, and that these connections will allow us to find greater meaning--in our own lives, in our congregation, in our UU faith, and in the wider world. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas about how we might engage, connect, and find meaning: I'd love to hear from you!

See you at church,
Monica (Drane)
Chair, Second Unitarian Church of Chicago Board of Trustees 

Guest Preachers in July
Sunday, July 7, 2013
"UUs Are Patriots Too"
At this time of year, we are constantly surrounded by patriotic messages. How can we be patriotic, and still stay true to our UU values?

The Rev. Darrick Jackson is the Director of Contextual Ministry at Meadville Lombard Theological School. Previously, he served as the Consulting Minister of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Storrs, CT and the Unitarian Universalist Parish of Monson, MA. Darrick is the incoming Co-Chair of the UUA Nominating Committee and the Chair of the transitional board of the UU Military Ministry at the Great Lakes Naval Base.

Sunday, July 14, 2013
"Looking Backward, Moving Forward: Journeying Toward Spiritual Wholeness"

The vast majority of UUs were not raised in this tradition. As a result, we gather from a diverse set of spiritual pathways. It is important to recognize that as human beings, our pasts never stop influencing our lives. As a result, it is important to think about how as a religious community we look at our pasts and the positive and negative impacts they can have on our individual and collective journeys toward wholeness.

Nic Cable is a life-long UU who grew up in Milwaukee, WI. He graduated from DePaul University in 2011 and will complete his Master of Divinity next May from Chicago Theological Seminary. Nic is excited to be a part of this vibrant religious tradition and is spending the summer focusing on issues of UU identity and how our congregations engage with our individual religious pasts. He is thankful to be able to join this community in worship and reflection.
July Plate-Sharing Recipient: Disability Pride Parade
Pride is for everyone. The Disability Pride Parade took a cue from the LGBTQ community about being proud of who we are and taking it to the streets. This is a grass-roots not-for-profit organization made up of people with disabilities who plan a weekend of pride for people with disabilities, their families and allies. The year-long planning process also teaches vital skills of organization, logistics, public speaking, leadership, and advocacy. All costs associated with staging the event come from donations. Find out more about the parade at

Disability Pride Parade Needs Volunteers! The committee is in need of several able-bodied volunteers to act as parade marshals on Saturday, July 20 from 8:30am to noon in downtown Chicago. Parade marshals are responsible for 8-10 parade contingents: helping people on and off vehicles, assuring line-up and step-off procedures, and keeping the parade moving. If interested, please contact Janice Stashwick by July 15th.
Social Justice Council Theater Benefit
Sunday, July 7, 2013 at 3:00pm

Prop THTR, 3502 N. Elston


Slaughter City by Naomi Wallace, directed by our own Karen Fort, focuses on our favorite social justice issues-- class, race, labor rights-- with sex in the mix, in a meat-packing plant. Reserve tickets ($20) to join the 2U SJC benefit and post-show discussion.


RSVP to Linda Groetzinger at or (773) 525-4262.

CYFD Summer Curriculum
Holy Guacamole! What an incredible CYFD Pride Lemonade Stand! It looks like we raised just over $500 for the church yesterday. A BIG thank-you to everyone who donated baked goods, set up the stand, worked at the stand, and/or took down the stand. A HUGE THANK-YOU to Sue Dunmore for putting together an awesome Pride curriculum and setting up everything for our stand, and a special SHOUT-OUT to Cathy Jasica for all her help! Most importantly, a GINORMOUS thank-you to all our 2U kids who participated-- we couldn't have done it without you!

Tomie Depaola Secondly, Carey Farrell has put together another wonderful curriculum for the rest of our summer session. For the past several summers, Carey has created a Summer Spirit Play curriculum based on a particular children's author.  This summer, we will be telling the stories of Tomie dePaola. Carey has selected a variety of  his books which reflect our seven UU principles (including multicultural legends, faith-based tales, and contemporary realistic stories). A HUGE THANK-YOU to Carey!

We run the classes just like Spirit Play in the large Spirit Play classroom. Although the curriculum is designed for children preschool through 3rd grade, the Spirit Play model is based on the Montessori method, which encourages older children to help their younger classmates. So like our Pride program, our Summer Spirit Play will be open to children preschool through 7th grade.  
For Young Adults
On Monday, July 8th, the Young Adult Group will be hosting a Circle Worship in Fleishman Hall at 6:30pm. We will also meet for our monthly brunch on Sunday, July 21st after services. All young adults age 18-35 are welcome!
For more information about these events, or about the group in general, please email Erin Rusmi and David Dyer at
2U Families With Children
A new group is forming at 2U! The name is yet to be discovered, but it's for families with kids younger than 18 years.


Why? There are common needs, concerns, and celebrations among the grown-ups who are raising children.


The kids can get to know each other better; the grown-ups can get to know each other better.


It's a chance to talk and laugh and play for people in the midst of a unique period of life-- full of the worry-joy that comes with parenthood.


We'll have an initial get-together on Sunday, August 11th immediately after church. Watch for details in the next Anvil. If you would like more information before the next Anvil, please contact Christy Grant.

Worship in the Park
picnic basket Sunday, July 28, 2013
Please join us on Sunday, July 28 at 11:00am for our annual Worship in Lincoln Park, right on Lake Michigan. We will meet in Grove 15, just south of the Waveland Clock Tower. Click here for the map.

There will be a church-wide potluck meal right after the service. What yummy thing will you bring?

If your last name begins with the following letter, please bring the following:

A-E: Main Dishes
F-L: Side Dishes & Salads
M-R: Desserts
S-Z: Beverages

We need YOUR help. Please sign up in the Palmer Room or contact Joyce Haeckel today if you can help with any of the following:

Set-up or clean-up
Bring tables and extra chairs
Provide rides to the park

Please also contact Joyce if you need a ride to the park.

Looking forward to a lovely Sunday in the park!
Minimal Commitment - Maximum Fun
green caterpillar Our 2U babies and toddlers are looking for you!
We are in need of one or more volunteers in our Green Caterpillar Room (infants to age 3). Your commitment is one hour a month. No experience is necessary; just a willingness to play, tell stories, color and have fun with our youngsters (a background check is required).

This is a great way to volunteer service to our community! If you are interested or curious, please email DFD Kellie Kelly.
Summer Solstice Ritual
The Sun/Moon Group celebrated Summer Solstice on June 22nd to celebrate the energy of the sun and the fertility of the Earth Mother. The celebration was delightful, with a delicious potluck afterward. Special thanks to Janice for her delicious homemade gazpacho! We hope to see even more people at the next ritual, which will be announced in the Anvil and Sunday order of service.
summer solstice 1
summer solstice 3
summer solstice 2
Caregivers' Support Group
The monthly Caregivers Support Group meets at 2U on the second Wednesday of the month. The next meeting will be on Wednesday, July 10th from 7:00-8:30pm. Do you have to come every month? No! Can you come when you can? Yes! Can you come one time to see what it's like? Yes! For more information, email Myra Epping or call her at (773) 338-4086.
New Social Justice Newsletter: The Hammer
Sign up for our new Social Justice e-newsletter, The Hammer, a companion to the Anvil. Sign up on the welcome table, or email us with the subject line "Join."
An Update from Karen Mooney
Hello, my fellow UU travelers. I am writing to you from Chattanooga TN, a way stop on my journey. I had no idea that this gem of a song actually had a real destination for me in life -- Chattanooga Choo Choo carry me home. My partner Pam was called here as a two-year interim minister, and I moved here at the end of 2012. Until September 1, that is, when I start a intern position at the Rockville, MD congregation. So many things have changed for many of us in the last year and for me this has indeed been a year of many transitions.

You never know, when you start a conversation with someone, where it might end up.

Back in November, a conversation to say good bye to a good friend led to a temporary position as a remote software tester. Now November of 2012 will go down in my life as a time of transitions. Moving from Chicago. Putting my house up for sale (a sale complicated by the death of my partner 5 years ago). Being granted sponsorship for the UU ministry by my beloved Second Unitarian. Ending my job with Rainbow Hospice. Starting work at Care Team Connect. Transferring worship leadership for a contemplative Anglican service back to the more capable hands of the Rector at COS-Chicago. On November 19th Pam and I packed up the car - found a suitable place for Christmas Penguin (yes literally watchin' our back for the 900+ mile to Chattanooga via Cleveland) - got the last bag of Garret's popcorn and took the Skyway toward Indiana. If nothing else we were on an adventure.

The south is -- well, let's just say -- different. It has been an incredible six months here. Pam almost stepped on a pit viper in our back yard, we bought a puppy (OMG), I am working with the social justice committee on getting a Gay Straight Alliance set up (in the local arts high school - there are NONE at any HS in the city or surrounding area), watching Pam do ministry for/with people in the throes of loss. That is to say, they are in deep conversations about who they are and where they want to go next. There is much we have brought with us from our time at 2U. Many good and amazingly supportive ideas. Thank you. I look forward to hearing more of your stories and sharing the journey.
Peace and all good things from the bounty of life,
Choir Corner
gone fishin
The 2U choir is taking a break for the summer. Rehearsals will resume in the fall. Details of the first rehearsal will be in an upcoming newsletter. Please tell 2U office administrator Jen Duston if you would like to be added to the choir email list.
Money Matters
Fiscal Year 2012-13: YTD Through May

Pledges & Collection Plate $   175,948
Other Income $     61,501
Total (YTD) $   237,449
Budget Projection 2012-13 $   244,725
Collection Plate Sharing $       9,516
All other Expenses $    225,496
Total (YTD) $    235,012
Budget Projection 2012-13 $    254,958
Debt and Deficit
Projected Deficit 2012-13 $     10,233
Long Term Debt $   232,663

Anvil Deadlines
Have a message to put in the Anvil? Plan ahead!  Please have all submissions for the next newsletter in to Jen Duston at by noon on Wednesday, July 31.