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October 2013
Issue: 9/13


For many years Lotus has been a proud sponsor of the annual BIoneers Conference which takes place this weekend at the Marin Center in North San Rafael.   

We encourage you to visit Bioneers this Friday October 18 to Sunday October 20. Come and check out the booths on display outdoors or sign up to attend one of the many motivational lectures and workshops!

While at Bioneers be sure to visit the Lotus Booth for some of tasty organic Indian food. This is the very first time that Lotus will be serving food to visitors and not just to volunteers.

Bioneers is truly a special event and we are blessed that it takes place right here in San Rafael. Take this opportunity to attend a gathering featuring a staggering number of global progressive leaders. Join Lotus and be a Bioneer!


Lotus shop

Next week the Lotus Cuisine and Cafe Lotus website will be upgraded with new shopping carts.

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All our existing customers will be asked to sign up for a NEW account when ordering take out!

Please let us know what you think of our new shop or if you have any questions! 


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Surinder "Pal" Sroa 


Lotus Cuisine of India
704 Fourth Street                                           Phone: (415) 456-5808
San Rafael, CA 94901                                    Fax:     (415) 456-5874


Lotus Chaat & Spices 
1559 Fourth Street                                         Phone: (415) 454-6887
San Rafael, CA 94901                                            


Cafe Lotus Fairfax
1912 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard                     Phone: (415) 457-7836
Fairfax, CA 94930                                           Fax:     (415) 457-7946



Please note: We are not associated with any other Indian Restaurants. 

"In India, sharing food is the greatest way we can show appreciation for one another."

Surinder Sroa
Owner, Lotus Cuisine



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