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Oktober 2012
Issue: 5/12
Enclosed please find our October newsletter.
Pal Sroa

Pal Is Back!

You might know him as Surinder or Pal or Paul. His last name is Sroa. His claim to fame? Pal is the driving force behind the Lotus Family of Restaurants

What makes Pal proud? Having so many family members as part of his business, the Lotus Family of Indian restaurants here in the San Francisco North Bay. 
More recently Pal is proudly working on a whole new product line, starting with the first Lotus product, which will be Lotus Organic Ghee!

What makes Pal happy? The fact that he is now able to dedicate more time to his flagship restaurant, Lotus Cuisine of India. This is because he has recently sold both his Novato restaurants, Anokha Cuisine and the Golden Egg Omelet House. 

So these days Pal is spending more time in the kitchen doing quality control and acting as a taste tester! Mmmm, what a lucky man! Another important job Pal is working on is upgrading our ingredients and improving our dishes to increase their health benefits.

What makes Pal even more happy? You! You and all our customers who come to eat and leave raving about our family-owned Indian eateries.

The next time you see Pal be sure to say hello!


Namaste, Novato

Namaste, Novato Lotus is saying Thank You to Novato. We recently sold both our Novato restaurants, Anokha Cuisine of India and the Golden Egg Omelet House.

We hope that our guests who visited our Novato establishments will come to our other fine eateries in Fairfax and San Rafael or try our online take out.


Lotus Is Going Non-GMO


Lotus agrees that you should have the right to know what's in your food. We support labeling GMO products as such. We hope you will VOTE YES on CA State Proposition 37, the Labeling of Genetically Modified Foods.

Here in our Lotus Family of Restaurants we are researching how we to eliminate all the genetically modified ingredients from our dishes. That's not easy to do when they are not labeled as such. We'll keep you posted on our progress!

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Pal Is Back
Namaste, Novato
Lotus Is Going Non-GMO
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This concludes our newsletter and we hope you enjoyed it. 
We look forward to welcome you at one of our establishments again soon!

Surinder "Pal" Sroa 

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