FCA Action Alert

Where do your Florida Legislative candidates
stand on arts and culture issues?

Why should you care and invest some time now?

     Those candidates running for either the Florida Senate or Florida House of Representatives who will be elected either on the August 30 primary election or the November 8 general election will develop funding and other policies that will impact Florida's arts, arts education, and culture industries from November 2016 through November 2018.  Your actions will make a difference.  Please invest some time and energy now to follow through on this alert.

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Here are some questions you should ask now to make a difference for arts & culture before the primary election on August 30:

1.  Do I know if my Florida Senate and House candidates responded to the Florida PAC for Arts & Culture and the Florida Cultural Alliance 2016 Arts & Culture Legislative Candidates' Survey?

2.  Did I read the candidates' survey and the background information on the four survey issues?

3.  If my candidate or candidates running for the Florida Senate or Florida House did respond, did I reach out to them to say "thank you" and invite them to an arts/culture event or ask them if I could provide any additional information?

4.  If my candidate or candidates did not respond to the 2016 Candidates' Survey, did I e-mail or call them to tell them that these issues matter to me and our community? That I want to share a few key facts with them about Florida's arts and culture industry?  That I and others in his or her district would really appreciate a response to the 2016 Candidates' Survey.

You can easily direct them to the 2016 Candidates' Survey at www.FLCA.net under the first sub tab under the elections tab or at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/7ZG6T2W

How do I follow up on these questions?

Who are the candidates running for my Florida House and  Florida Senate districts?

Go here to access an Excel file that is updated daily that lists all the 2016 candidates running for the following offices (refer to the five worksheets at bottom of Excel file): 
Candidates by Counties
Florida House Candidates
Florida Senate Candidates
U.S. House Florida Candidates 
U.S. Senate Florida Candidates  

How do I know if my candidates responded to the 2016 Candidates' Survey and how they responded?

Responses Posted Daily:  As candidates respond to the survey, their responses are posted daily here.

Focus on Those Who Did or Did Not Respond Under Your County Listing:

Once on this website page, quickly open the Excel file for the "2016 Florida Candidates."  Open the Excel worksheet tab at the bottom labeled "Candidates by Counties."  Cursor down until you see the county where you live.  If the district numbers to the left are highlighted in dark orange, those candidates responded to the survey.  If their district numbers are not highlighted in dark orange, they did not respond, to date, to the survey.

How did they answer the survey questions if they did respond?

Complete responses by those candidates who did respond are linked here by Florida Senate districts and Florida House Districts:  just click on the candidate's name to access his or her responses and comments to the survey.

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How can I thank my candidate/s running for the Florida House or Florida Senate that did respond OR how can I reach out now to my candidates who have not responded yet to the 2016 Candidates' Survey?

Their e-mail addresses and phone numbers:  You can access e-mail addresses for the Florida Senate and Florida House candidates on the Excel worksheet tabs on the 2016 Florida Candidates' Excel file found here.  If e-mail addresses located under column H could not be located for candidates, their addresses and phone numbers are included under column I. 

If your candidate/s did respond to survey:  Please e-mail them or quickly call them to say "thank you" for responding and invite them to an arts/culture event and ask them if they would like additional information on the arts/culture resources in their community.  Use this opportunity to begin to build relationships with them.

If your candidates have not responded to survey:  Either e-mail or call them to request that they please take a few minutes to learn about these four issues that matter to you and others in the district they are running to represent.  Direct them to www.FLCA.net to the first sub tab -- 2016 Candidates' Survey -- under the elections tab to access the background information and the survey.  It should take them no more than 10 to 15 minutes to complete this online survey.  They can also directly access the survey here: 

Thank them for their time and follow through and wish them a successful campaign.

Do it now.

Thank you for engaging in this year's elections. 
Your voice, your vote matter.