Thank you for following through on the emails and telephone calls to your legislators and to legislative leadership.  Leadership last night restored the $10 million for Cultural and Museum Grants, taking the total back up to $19 million.  They also added to appropriations to fully fund the 37 Cultural Facility Grants.

Status of what is currently recommended in HB 5001, the proposed FY 2017 State Budget, is below.  The full Florida Legislature must vote on this proposed budget before the close of this year's legislative session scheduled for this Friday, March 11.  Once they vote on the budget, it goes to the Governor's office for review and potential vetoes. 

We'll discuss the budget in greater detail and review the status of the bills we've been monitoring on our statewide advocacy and information-to-use conference call on Monday, March 14, from 10 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. EST.

Please quickly register to participate on Monday's March 14, call.

DCA Grants Programs - click grants-program name below to access ranked lists: 
Funded in FY 2015-2016:
Needed to Fully Fund FY 2016-2017 DCA Grants: 
What is Recommended in Proposed FY 2017 State Budget:
Cultural Facilities  $18,839,581
Subtotals: $34,804,393 $45,002,090 $33,068,633  

Please send quick thank you emails to the legislative leaders below for fully funding the Culture Builds Florida grants, Cultural Facilities' grants, providing 2 state Cultural Endowment matches, and restoring funds for Cultural and Museum Grants.  We'll start our statewide thank you campaign next week, and we'll provide you a list of individuals to thank for this year's state investments in Florida's arts and culture industry. 

 E-mail Addresses:
Capitol Phone #: 
Picture of Andy Gardiner 
Andy Gardiner
Senate President (850) 487-5013
Picture of Tom Lee 
Tom Lee
Chairman of Senate Appropriations (850) 487-5024
Picture of Steve Crisafulli 
Steve Crisafulli
Speaker of the House (850) 717-5051
Picture of Richard Corcoran 
Richard Corcoran
Chairman of House
Appropriations (850) 717-5037

 Thank you.
Your voice makes a difference.