Monday, March 7 -- please TODAY (last chance)

make 4 quick phone calls; and

send 4 simple emails to the legislative leaders listed below.

     Please restore funds for Cultural and Museum Grants.  It's about economic development, tourism, jobs, return on investment, and quality of life.  Thank you.

Status of what is currently recommended:   
DCA Grants Programs - click to access lists: 
Funded in FY 2015-2016:
Needed to Fully Fund FY 2016-2017 DCA Grants: 
What the TED Budget Conference Agreed to Fund on 2-28-16:
Cultural Facilities  $18,839,581
Subtotals: $34,804,393 $45,002,090 $20,818,633 

Contact Information for Senate and House Legislative Leaders -- please send one more email to each and leave the suggested simple message above with the staff member who answers the phone.  Today is our last opportunity to try to restore funds for the Cultural and Museum Grants: 

 E-mail Addresses:
Capitol Phone #: 
Picture of Andy Gardiner 
Andy Gardiner
Senate President (850) 487-5013
Picture of Tom Lee 
Tom Lee
Chairman of Senate Appropriations (850) 487-5024
Picture of Steve Crisafulli 
Steve Crisafulli
Speaker of the House (850) 717-5051
Picture of Richard Corcoran 
Richard Corcoran
Chairman of House
Appropriations (850) 717-5037

 Thank you.