FCA Action Alert

House Accepts Senate Positions on Cuts to
Cultural and Museum Grants and
Cultural Facilities Grants

as of 2-28-2016 

     The Transportation and Economic Development (TED) Appropriations Budget Conference Committee just ended its third meeting.  The House agreed to the Senate's offer of yesterday regarding Cultural and Museum Grants and Cultural Facilities Grants. 

Below are the numbers that this TED budget conference agreed to this afternoon for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs' FY 2017 Grants' Programs: 

DCA Grants Programs: 
Funded in FY 2015-2016: 
Needed to Fully Fund FY 2016-2017 DCA Grants: 
What the TED Budget Conference Agreed to Fund today, 2-28-16: 
Cultural and Museum Grants 
Culture Builds Florida  $1,520,625
Cultural Facilities  $18,839,581
Cultural Endowment 
Subtotals: $34,804,393 $45,002,090 $20,818,633 
A number of legislative projects under the Division of Cultural Affairs are recommended for funding by this TED Budget Conference Committee, and we'll provide you with this list tomorrow.  

This TED budget conference closed out the Department of State issues this afternoon.  They will meet again this evening, but these issues are closed. 

We will continue to make our case and ask leadership for their support.

As we learned many years ago from a previous Chairman of Transportation and Economic Development Appropriations Subcommittee, you keep making your case and asking until the very end of session and not sooner.  So, we will continue to make our case with Senate and House Leadership until session ends:

President of the Senate Andy Gardiner
Speaker of the House Steve Crisafulli
Chairman of House Appropriations Richard Corcoran
Chairman of Senate Appropriations Tom Lee

We'll send you suggested messages tomorrow, Monday, February 29, to follow up on with these legislative leaders.  We're extremely disappointed in today's decisions, but we must not give up. Know that your advocacy efforts are greatly appreciated.