FCA Action Alert
State Budget Conference Meetings Begin 
to Reconcile the Differences in What the Senate and House Recommend in 
Their Respective Proposed FY 2017 State Budgets

     WHAT are the differences in what the Senate and House Recommend for the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grants' Programs at the start of these budget conference meetings:

DCA Grants Programs the Senate and House AGREE To Fully Fund at the Start of These Budget Conference Meetings:

Culture Builds Florida Grants 
Cultural Endowment Program

DCA Grants Programs the Senate and House DO NOT AGREE on at the Start of These Budget Conference Meetings:

Cultural and Museum Grants 
Cultural Facilities

Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grants-Funding Categories --
click on the name to access ranked list of qualified DCA 2016-2017 grant applicants:

What Is Needed To Fully Fund All 532 Qualified 2016-2017 DCA Grants Under These Categories:
currently recommends
as budget conference
meetings begin -- not final and subject to change:

What The HOUSE
currently recommends as budget conference meetings begin -- not final and subject to change:

Cultural and Museum Grants
Budget line item 3103

What the Cultural and Museum Grants would be based on what the Senate and House currently recommend -- go here.
$30,933,457 for 413 grants

One-page document that shows economic impact of Cultural and Museum Grants
Culture Builds Florida Grants
Budget line item 3102A

$1,682,209   for 80 grants
(would fully fund all 80 grants)
(would fully fund all 80 grants)
Cultural Facilities
Budget line item 3108A
$11,906,424 for 37 grants
$6,493,424                               (would fund first 20 on list)
$11,906,424                 (would fully fund all 37 grants)
Cultural Endowment Program
Budget line item 3103A

$480,000      for 2 organizations
(would provide 2 state matches)
$480,000                     (would provide 2 state matches)

Access here
a county-by-county list that combines all 532 qualified DCA grants.

Legislative committee meeting
    WHO serves on the Transportation and Economic Development (TED) Appropriations Budget Conference Committee that will reconcile these appropriation differences for the four DCA grants-budget line items?

     There are a total of 23 legislators serving on this TED Budget Conference Committee:  14 representatives and 9 senators.  Go here for list of these legislators, their email addresses, Capitol telephone numbers, and the counties they represent in the Florida Legislature.

Send quick emails NOW -- all you need to follow through is below:

1.  All advocates should send emails immediately to Chairman Clay Ingram
(clay.ingram@myfloridahouse.gov) and Vice Chairman Jack Latvala
(latvala.jack@flsenate.gov) of the TED Budget Conference Committee.

 2.  Send emails to representatives and senators who serve on this budget conference committee, especially if they represent your county.
Check the TED Budget Conference Committee contact list to see if one or more of the members of this TED budget conference represent your county in the Florida Legislature.  If so, send them quick emails, too. 

Suggested email to send immediately to Chairmen Ingram and Latvala and those who represent your county.  

Dear     :

     Thank you for your support of the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' grants programs.  During your budget conference meetings, please

     1.  provide the highest appropriation possible, ideally the full $30,933,457 needed to fund 413 recommended Cultural and Museum grants at their qualified grant amounts;

     2.  maintain your appropriation recommendations for Culture Builds Florida grants and the Fine Arts Endowment Program; and

     3.  support the House's position on Cultural Facilities that will fund all 37 qualified grant applicants.

     Thank you for your consideration of this request and for your leadership on these issues.


Your name
     We will keep you informed throughout this process as these budget conference meetings occur.  PLEASE pay attention and follow through immediately, if possible, on these alerts. Decisions are being made quickly during these budget conference meetings.

Your advocacy follow through matters
and makes a difference. 
Thank you.