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  2016 Florida Legislative
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  County-by-county contact list
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Number 1 
How do I connect to this call and know who is participating on it?

Man headphones and computer 
Call Date:
Monday, February 8, 2016    
Call Time:
9:58 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.

Call-In-Number:  712-775-7031 and then enter 441247#    

PLEASE have your computer on and this agenda opened.  We will refer to the links and documents below during the call.  Thank you.
Who is participating on this call and from which Florida counties?
Go here  to see who is on this call.  Thank you for participating.

Number 2
What are you doing to advocate for the necessary appropriations needed to fully fund the 2016-2017 DCA grants?

A.  Review and discuss status of what is recommended as of today's date in the proposed Senate and House state budgets for 2016-2017.  Here is a side-by-side document that shows what is recommended as of now for grants under the Division of Cultural Affairs. 

B.  For those of you who support full funding for the 413 qualified DCA grant applicants recommended for funding under Cultural and Museum Grants Category, did you follow through on this Alert?

C.  Go here to access images and suggested copy to use on your social media networks (special thanks to Marialaura Leslie and Jody Leshinsky for their assistance).
D.  Get ready and pay attention for upcoming budget conference committee meetings to work out the differences in the line items they do not agree on.
resourcesE.  Resources to reference and use in your communications with key Florida Legislative Leadership, members of the TED appropriations subcommittees, and your legislators:    

2016 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture (big thank you to Jody Leshinsky and Andy Royston with Broward Cultural Affairs' Division for their fabulous work on our advocacy materials) ;
     2.  List of all the recommended 2016-2017 Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) grants for the county/counties the legislators represent. 

     3.  Quick overview of the number of grant requests by DCA grant categories for each county on the Table of Contents for  FCA's 2016-2017 DCA County-by-County List;
     4.  AFTA 2015 Creative Industry Reports for Florida;
     5.  The State of the Florida Traveler Special Edition 2015;

     6.  Cultural tourism 2-page informational piece;
     7.  What they say -- quotes of support for our industry;

     8.  Invest in Arts & Culture cover for their individual packets
    9.  The Florida Department of State 2016-2017 Grant Book
of Ranked Grants' Lists for Cultural Affairs, Libraries, and Historical Resources.    

Number 3 G
uest speakers Patty Warren
and Elsie Rogers from the Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) will review the proposed revisions to the Cultural Facilities Grants Program.  They will inform you on how you can share your suggestions on how this DCA grants' program should be changed. 

Number 4

Quick Update on Federal Issues:

A.  NEA, celebrating its 50th birthday, was increased to $147.949 million.

B.  The budget for the U.S. Department of Education Arts in Education program also increased to $27 million -- a $2 million increase.

C.  Made permanent the IRA Charitable Rollover
-- permanence will give certainty and spur new and increased charitable donations to social service programs, religious organizations, arts and culture institutions, schools, healthcare providers, and the full array of nonprofits that serve Americans every day. The eligibility in the agreement is the same as previous law: 70 years of age and a maximum of up to $100,000 given directly to a charity of choice per taxpayer in any tax year. Additional information.

D.  Every Student Succeeds Act Signed by President Obama

After 14 years, The No Child Left Behind Act has been replaced with a new Elementary and Secondary Education Act called the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), which passed both the U.S. House and Senate and signed by President Obama last week.

AFTA Blog that outlines where the arts fit into this new education act.

Press release from The White House

  Number 5
   Please mark your calendars. Calendar with flip page

Please mark your 2016 calendars for our monthly FCA advocacy and information-to-use statewide conference calls.

Each monthly call is scheduled on a Monday from 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. ET.  They are subject to change, but here are the dates we've scheduled for 2016:

March 14
April 18
May 16
June 13
July 18
August 15
September 12
October 17
November 14
December 12
Other 2016 Dates Through March To
Include On Your Calendars:
January 12 thru March 11 -- 2016 Florida Legislative Session in Tallahassee

January 26, 2016: 
Many thanks to all of you who participated in Arts & Culture Day on January 26.  The Florida Cultural Alliance awarded its Legislative Star Awards to Senator Joe Negron (L) and Representative Keith Perry (R).

March 7 & 8
-- National Arts Advocacy Days in Washington, D.C. -- register here to participate.

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