Both the Florida House & Senate TED appropriations subcommittees
first round of appropriations for DCA grants.
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     The Florida House Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development (TED) just released its first round (Chairman's recommendations) of FY 2016-2017 budget recommendations. Below is what is being recommended now for this first round in the budget-development process from both the House and Senate TED appropriations' subcommittees for the four-grants-funding categories under the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA).  These are not the final numbers and are subject to change.  This is just the beginning of the State-budget-development process.
    The two DCA grants-funding categories that both the Senate and the House currently agree to fully fund are the Culture Builds Florida Grants (80 on ranked list) and the Cultural Endowment Program (2 on ranked list).  There is a difference in what the Senate and House TED appropriations subcommittees recommend under the Cultural and Museum Grants and Cultural Facilities.  See table below. 
    Tomorrow, Friday, January 29, we will send you and other arts and culture advocates a detailed action alert that you can easily take action on that will help secure additional dollars to fully fund the 413 Cultural and Museum Grants in both the House and Senate and get the Senate to agree with the House's position on Cultural Facilities.

Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) Grants-Funding Categories -- click on the name to access ranked list of qualified DCA 2016-2017 grant applicants:
What Is Needed To Fully Fund All the 532 Qualified 2016-2017 DCA Grants Under These Categories:
What The SENATE Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Recommend as of 1-26-16 -- subject to change and not final:
What The HOUSE
Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation and Economic Development Recommend as of 1-28-16 -- subject to change and not final:

Cultural and Museum Grants
$30,933,457 for 413 grants
$14,400,000, plus the $5 million in the base budget -- a total of $19,400,000
plus the $5 million in the base budget -- a total of $14,907,118
Culture Builds Florida Grants
$1,682,209 for 80 grants
$1,682,209 (would fully fund)
$1,682,209 (would fully fund)
Cultural Facilities
$11,906,424 for 37 grants
$6,493,424 (would fund first 20 on list)
$11,906,424 (would fully fund all 37 projects)
Cultural Endowment Program
$480,000 for 2 organizations
$480,000 (would provide two state matches)
$480,000 (would provide 2 state matches)

Access here a county-by-county list that combines all 532 qualified DCA grants.

Time to pay attention

     Please pay attention tomorrow, over the next week, and throughout the Florida Legislative Session for action alerts from us.  Time to act on these alerts is critical -- please follow through with the suggested actions when you receive them.  Our goal is to secure full funding for all of these 532 qualified DCA grant applicants under all four DCA grants-funding categories.

Thank you for your advocacy efforts. 
Your voice, along with other arts and culture advocates'
voices do make a difference.