Attention Lake-, Marion-, & Volusia-County Based
Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA)
2016-2017 Grant Applicants

Do you want full funding for your
organization's 2016-2017 DCA grant?

Below are the resources you need to take action now 
to help secure appropriations needed to fully fund 
your DCA grant.  Please follow through this week.
Your advocacy actions matter.

    STATUS:  The Florida Legislative Session started yesterday, January 12, and Tallahassee Old New Capitols Florida legislators will begin their deliberations on Florida's 2016-2017 state budget soon.

6 are based in Lake County; 4 in Marion County; and 15 in Volusia County.  If the necessary appropriations are provided by the Florida Legislature, these 25 DCA grants based in all three of these counties will receive a total $999,484. 

     For these 25 grants to be fully funded, legislators who represent your respective county, especially the one listed below, must be informed about these DCA grants' programs and the impact they have on your organizations and communities.  State policy makers must hear from all 25 of this area's DCA grant applicants.  They need to know that there are many people throughout your counties who request their help to secure the appropriations needed to fully fund these DCA grants.

    Each of your county's has a powerful and influential legislator who serves on the appropriations subcommittee in the Senate responsible for making appropriation recommendations needed to fully, partially, or not fund the 2016-2017 DCA grants that qualify under the four DCA-grants-funding categories:

-- serves on the SENATE Appropriations Subcommittee on Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development (Senate TED).  Ask her to please speak to Chairman Jack Latvala to provide the requested appropriations to fully fund all 532 qualified DCA 2016-2017 grants, which includes the 25 from the three counties she represents in the legislature.  Chairman Latvala chairs the Senate TED appropriations subcommittee, and he needs to hear from its members that this issue is important and matters to them.

     Please communicate with all of the legislators who represent your county (see below), especially Senator Hukill, and ask for their help to secure the full appropriations needed to fully fund all 532 qualified DCA 2016-2017 grants.

     What can you and your board members and supporters do now to help secure the state appropriations needed to fully fund your DCA grant and the other qualified 2016-2017 DCA grants? Communicate Billboard   
     All DCA grant applicants and those who support these state grants' investments should write letters and send emails to state policy makers (lists and addresses provided below) to ask for their support of the appropriations needed to fully fund all 532 qualified Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs' (DCA) grants under the four DCA grants-funding categories.

     Below are some RESOURCES to use in your communications with key Florida legislative leaders and those legislators who represent your county:

Clipboard with checks 1.  Check list -- a suggested check list of advocacy actions you've taken and need to take now to help secure full funding for your DCA grant;

2.  2016 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture -- a two-page document you can print and copy front/back and mail and send as a linked document to your legislators that lists the four DCA grants-funding categories and what appropriations are needed to fully fund the qualified grants under each of the four categories; a few reasons why these are excellent state investments; and if sent via email, the ranked lists and county-by-county listing of qualified grants are linked for their easy review;

DCA County by County Grants List Graphic
3.  DCA 2016-2017 Qualified Grant Applicants Based in Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties -- a list of just these three-county-based organizations and links to their Web sites that qualify for 2016-2017 DCA grants in all DCA grants-funding categories;

4.  2015 Creative Industries Report for Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties;

5.    Key Florida Legislative Leadership -- an Excel file with comprehensive contact information for key Florida Legislative Leadership in both the Florida House and Senate that have influence over the appropriations needed to fully fund the 2016-2017 DCA grants.  All DCA grant applicants should communicate with these 10 key legislators and ask for their leadership to secure the appropriations needed for all four DCA grants-funding categories.

Pinellas County
6.  List of Legislators Who Represent Lake, Marion, and Volusia Counties -- an Excel file with comprehensive contact information for those Florida Legislators who represent your county's interests in the Florida Legislature. Ideally, each DCA grant applicant from your county should communicate with these legislators to request their help to secure the appropriations needed for all four DCA grants-funding categories.  If not enough time, at least communicate with your Florida Senator and Representative.

7.  Arts & Culture Day January 26 at Florida Capitol in Tallahassee -- easily and quickly register here. Remember that there is power in numbers -- policy makers need to hear from you and see you to demonstrate that these DCA grants matter to your organization and community.

8.  Copy -- please copy the Florida Cultural Alliance at when you send your communications to these policy makers.  It's important we keep track of who is hearing from whom.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Thank you graphic