Governor Rick Scott
Governor Scott released his proposed budget for 2016-2017 yesterday.

     He recommends $6 million for the Cultural and Museum Grants program administered by the Florida Department of State Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) -- see page 323 of his proposed budget.

     The DCA has four major grants-funding categories that we advocate for state appropriations to fund.  For 2016-2017, 532 arts and cultural organizations have met eligibility requirements and have gone through a rigorous application and review process to be recommended by the Florida Department of State for 2016-2017 DCA grants.  A total of $45,002,090 million is needed to fully fund all 532 at their qualified-grant amounts.

     Review the 2016 Florida Legislative Platform for Arts & Culture that outlines which organizations qualify for grants under each of the four DCA grants-funding categories and what is needed to fully fund them at their qualified-grant amounts.

     Follow-up suggested advocacy strategies to help secure the appropriations needed to fully fund these 532 qualified grants will be emailed to you after the Thanksgiving holiday.

     Wishing you, your colleagues, friends, and family a loving and meaningful Thanksgiving. 
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