BLACKFOX, In Collaboration

with Colorado Department of Labor and Employment offers a program designed for individuals with little or no experience in Electronic Assembly. It is taught in a progressive format that teaches individuals the basics of Electronic Assembly and progresses through 5 weeks of advanced skills training and industry workmanship standards. This course is intended to prepare individuals with the skills and certifications required to qualify for employment in Aerospace, Defense, Medical, and Electronic Contract Manufacturing.

The comprehensive program is 5 consecutive weeks, totaling 200 hours of hands-on training at the Blackfox facility in Longmont, Colorado.  Graduates earn 4 IPC certifications and 8 Blackfox skills-based certifications.

A new course session is planed to commence in January 2015.   Employers, please contact Blackfox to express your interest in participating.

Primary Employer Benefits

  • No cost to the employer                                  
  • Opportunity to hire a veteran or civilian with the highest level of skills training and certification    
  • Employee is immediately productive        
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credits and Wage Subsidies (varies by county and state)
  • DoD credits for hiring veterans
Opportunity to Hire Veterans
No Cost To Employers
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