May 2014
Go Beyond TEM
Lifecycle Services 


According to Aberdeen, 57% of companies don't compare telecom contracts with benchmarks for best pricing. Considering that fixed and mobile services account for as much as 20% of IT spend, organizations need more than just a telecom expense management solution.


Unlike other TEM solutions - which only gather and pay invoices - Advocate's Lifecycle Services wraps insider knowledge around the TEM technology to generate additional savings through auditing, optimization, reporting, and analytics.

In Our Community
Our Insiders are active participants within the technology community.  Here are just a few of the events we attended recently.
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Insiders Emily Ashley and Paul Shiman spent the day with Bill Yackey at West IP's Golf Invitational on April 24th. 

Paul Shiman, BlueLinx CIO Bob Toupin and Emily Ashley
Paul Shiman, BlueLinx CIO Bob Toupin and Emily Ashley at TAG's Georgia Technology Summit on March 26th. 
Be sure to catch the Insiders at the 10th Annual ATP CIO Golf Tournament on May 15!

Insider Results
Looking for best-in-class performance, scalability and price? Our Insider knowledge and expertise will get you there faster!

Inside The Spotlight
Advocate Featured on 11Alive's Technology Edge
Advocate on Technology Edge
Scott Fogle (center) and Tim Wise (right) spill the beans on Atlanta's weekly program "Technology Edge"

Advocate Insiders and co-founders Scott Fogle and Tim Wise recently appeared on Atlanta's new program series dedicated to highlighting the stories of Atlanta-area entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Watch the segment to learn how the two were able to grow the business during the challenging economy of post-9/11 and the Great Recession.
Cloud Behaving Badly
How are bad behaviors among personnel affecting risks and costs within your voice and data network?  Deployment of cloud services - especially those unauthorized by IT - can pose serious security breaches. Shed light on your cloud usage with Advocate's Cloud Insight Assessment. 
In The Know...
Explosive Growth of Cloud 

Based on recent research, the adoption of cloud technology within the enterprise will continue to escalate as it delivers a wide variety of benefits and innovation. Consider these projections:
  • According to a Forbes survey, three quarters of respondents use some form of cloud computing platform. The most common platforms are Google, Microsoft and Amazon.
  • 86% of companies use more than one type of cloud computing service - most use four.
  • More than 50% of all information technology will be in the cloud within the next five to ten years. 
  • In the next five years, hybrid clouds are expected to represent 43% of the market.  
What's your cloud strategy? Let our Insiders help you migrate to the cloud. Get started by completing our complimentary Cloud Review.