August 2015

Dear Network Members and Friends,


Have you considered hosting a new program just for preschool-aged kids? Have you wondered about offering free admission to your farm? Are you exploring how your farm-based activities can connect to state learning standards? 


We will explore all of these topics and much, much more on our farm-based educators tour September 9 -12 in New York State.  We hope you'll consider coming along, and bringing your wisdom, stories and curiosities, too! See below for more information. 


Aside from our big exploration in New York State, the FBEN has been busy planning programming for 2016, when we celebrate our 10th birthday. We hope you'll stay tuned! 


Wishing you all the best, 

Vera Simon-Nobes (Coordinator) and the FBEN team  
join farmers, educators on Tour

Be captivated and inspired by eight farms at next month's Farm-Based Educators' Tour through NY-State. You'll visit Glynwood, Stone Barns Center for Agriculture, Muscoot Farm, Hilltop Hanover Farm, Green Chimneys Farm and Wildlife Center, Common Ground Farm, Manhattan Country School and Hawthorne Valley Farm

Discover how each farm is helping its community connect with the land, food, and each other.  Explore strategies for developing a strong mission, meeting audience's needs, financial models, customer experiences, safety, programming and events.
growing table selected for World Record
"Farmer Will Allen and the Growing Table" is a favorite book among many educators and young farmers. It chronicles the former basketball star turned farmer, Will Allen, and his determination to bring good food to every table. 

We were thrilled to see that the "Read Across the Globe" initiative is currently enlisting thousands of volunteers in an effort to break the Guinness Book of World Records for the number of children being read to in a 24-hour period. Their book of choice? "The Growing Table"!  

Whether you read to one or two 100, you can join this community effort through registering a reading event in your community.  
farm-based educators gather in Amherst, MA
Earlier this month, the FBEN partnered with two members to offer a workshop at the NOFA Summer Conference, entitled "Farm Based Education: Connecting Food, Agriculture & Place".  Presenters Caroline Rouillard, agricultural educator from Appleton Farms, and Tierney Lain, formerly of the FARM Institute expanded participants' understanding of farm-based education and guided a discussion of why farm-based education is important. 

"The most successful part of the workshop was the hands on portion where participants were able to act out activities with us," Rouillard said. "Being hands on helped people make some connections and adaptations, and allowed for open discussion."  Attendees left with inspiration and tools for creating strong farm-based education programs of their own.  Thanks for a great conference, NOFA! 
farm to school month seeks Outreach Partners
The National Farm to School Network is seeking "Outreach Partners" to help build momentum for Farm to School Month this October! Join dozens of organizations, businesses and agencies as an "Outreach Partner," and commit to using your communications channels (blog, social media, website, newsletter, etc.) to promote Farm to School Month.  Learn more... 
working with Learning Differences
Earlier this summer, educators at Shelburne Farms got the chance to meet with a speech-language pathologist about strategies for serving kids with learning differences. She shared a few great resources, including the Anxiety Curve from Buron and Curtis, a book on self-regulation called, "How Does Your Engine Run?", and Move with Me Action Adventure Skill Cards

Below are a few reminders from this valuable training.
  • Nonverbal kids often have great listening and receiving skills, so keep this in mind when you are first learning new children's needs.
  • Tolerating difference is different from embracing difference.

  • Behavior is communication.; behavior is an expression of the mind.

For more tips or to share your own, see our discussion thread.
social media Stories
Did you notice a flurry of FBEN social media posts throughout July? The FBEN shared members' "Hopes and Dreams" for the future of farm-based education each day, including this one from a Assistant Education Coordinator in Goleta, CA. 

"My vision for the fast-growing movement of farm-based education is to do away with long hours in school desks. To foster nature and food connection amongst our youth. To create a sustainable future." 

Next up, we're seeking photos and accompanying quotes from kids or adults with whom you worked over the summer. Email us if you have one to share! 

 featured Photo

Farmers tour North River Farms in Mills River, NC during an Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project farmer tour earlier in August.
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Farm to Preschool Resource Library
Farm to preschool leaders have spent years developing valuable resources. Search resources on the NFSN website. 

Top 10 Myths about Seafood, Fisheries and Marine Conservation
Niaz Dorry is the coordinating director of the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance. She has been working on fisheries and ocean issues for over 20 years and shared this list in an effort to shed light on the underlying problems, issues, and threats to healthy marine ecosystems. 


A photography project that documents the important role that women play in our agriculture system. 

Occidental Arts & Ecology Center Cookbook
This newly released cookbook celebrates restorative farming, community building, ecological research, and amazing, earthy food.

Parents and teachers alike can draw on this list for strong resources on healthy eating. 
The FBEN partnered with several groups in Vermont to author and adapt these resources to help farmers with agritourism and on-farm activities.
NY State
September 9 - 12

Closing the Hunger Gap Conference
Portland, OR
September 13 - 16

Santa Cruz, CA
September 15

Petersburg, NY 
September 29

Online Course
October 5 - November 9 

Santa Cruz, CA
October 12

Black Urban Farmers and Gardeners Conference 
Oakland, CA
October 16-18

"Connecting to Place and Environment through Farm-Based Education" a workshop at the NAAEE Conference
San Diego, CA
October 18

Montreal, Canada
November 12 - 14

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job Opportunities
Shelburne, VT

Southeastern, MA

Fayette County, WV

Newark, NJ

Richmond, VT

Shelburne, VT
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Muir Beach, CA

Shelburne, VT

Muir Beach, CA

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Shelburne Farms is the coordinating organization for the FBEN.