Our downtowns are constantly improving.
And so are we. 
One of our main purposes is to revitalize downtowns throughout Connecticut.  After nearly 20 years of working towards this goal, we realized our look could use some revitalizing too.
Our bold new logo reflects the changing face of our downtowns, one that commands attention and respect for being forward-thinking while preserving the integrity and values of the past.  At CMSC, we'll continue to promote the Four Point Approach to downtown management while also championing innovations in transit and sustainable design, promoting our local businesses and attractions, and advocating for mixed-use development that integrates housing with a diversity of uses, cultures and incomes.

We've already started incorporating this fresh perspective into the rest of our work.  We look forward to sharing our enthusiasm with you as we continue to inspire great Connecticut downtowns, Main Street by Main Street.

- Your friends at CMSC
Connecticut Main Street Center
c/o CL&P
PO Box 270
Hartford, CT 06141

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