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April 2009

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Climb to Conquer SADS
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No Ball at All
Climb to Conquer SADS

John Roskelley

(John Roskelley on Mt. Rainier)

Get involved in Climb to Conquer SADS!  Your fami
ly can sponsor a climber and get a flag with your name carried to the top.

Your family will be matched with one of the 12 climbers trying to summit Mt. Rainier.
Track the progress as we Climb to Conquer SADS. 

Climb to Conquer SADS

Call Laura at 1-800-STOP SAD or e-mail to get started.
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Spring is a great time to get involved in the SADS Foundation!  We have several ways to get you and your family active and motivated.
Young Boy
Help children and teens by sharing your strategies of how you or your child, teen, or young adult adapted to their SADS condition!


Since your diagnosis, have you: 

   Changed sports?

     Educated those around you?

           Changed activity level?

                      Managed your medication differently?

                                 Developed new interests?

Please email Joanne Robinson at or call 1-800-STOP SAD to share examples about your child's or teen's experience!

Take a Survey from Genetic Alliance ECGgif
Genetic Alliance is conducting a study which has the potential to improve medical care for families with genetic diseases. Take 10-15 minutes to share your thoughts, opinions, and beliefs about who has the responsibility for sharing genetic risk information within families, and when it is morally acceptable not to share information.


Two simple steps:

1) click on this Survey Monkey link below and provide your contact information


2) fill out the questionnaire that will be sent to you from Survey Monkey per you contact information (researchers will not have access to your contact information)

Survey Monkey

No Ball Cover Art 2009No Ball at All

The "No Ball" campaign is about to begin!  Consider the cost of a standard charity us instead.

Your gift isn't paying for the auctioneer or steak. No tuxedos or ball gowns.  No extravagant centerpieces.  No band.

Instead, your charitable contribution goes toward programs that save lives.  Click here for more details.


Alice Lara, President & CEO

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