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February 21, 2008 
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We, at the SADS Foundation, have got spring fever. Whoever coined the phrase "March Madness" had the right idea. We are ready for a warm breeze and some sun! All in favor, say ay!!

 Donate Your Miles!

Palm Trees Delta is advertising a promotion for sharing Skymiles. Those volunteers who would like to donate their extra miles to SADS can do so all year round, but if you do it before the end of March, an extra 20% will be added to the donation.

All you will need is Alice's account information:

Alicia A. Lara

We appreciate any donations that you can make. The miles will be used to promote SADS awareness through presentations and conferences.

As much as we would like for all of our members to meet together to conference in a place like this, for now, we will content ourselves with more local settings!


 New Genetic Testing Reimbursement Policies

ECGgif Some big strides are being taken in genetic testing insurance coverage. Since the beginning of the year, private health insurers, HMO's and state Medicaid programs have developed reimbursement policies that will result in lots more genetic tests being paid for by insurers.
  • Medicaid approves in 19 states--so far
  • Blue Cross has issued a national directive
  • Aetna has issued rules
  • Cigna has a coverage policy
  • Humana members covered
  • Tufts Health Plan authorizes coverage
  • and many more are done or in the works!

For up to date information you can visit SADS or Familion

We hope, for the sake of all our volunteers and their families, that soon there will be genetic testing for all who are at risk.

Learn More About Insurance Coverage... 

 SADS Young Investigator Award
 Calling All Researchers

The Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes (SADS) Foundation would like to encourage the next generation of researchers in SADS conditions. Therefore, we are announcing the First Annual SADS Foundation Young Investigator Award in Cardiac Channelopathies. The award will include a gift of $500 to the recipient and $1,200 to the institution and will be presented at the annual PACES meeting, Wednesday May 14th at HRS.

For all those who are interested, please see our website for details. And please forward this to anyone who might be interested.

Deadline April 15th.


 Ode to Climb

Climb to Conquer SADS
Shovel, gaitors, camelback,

I put them all inside my sack.

Reserve my spot online or call,

So SADS will know I'm on the ball.

And even if the climb's too tough,

I know SADS offers other stuff

To do among the birch and pine,

I'm always glad I went to Climb!

There's still time to register for the family seminars and fun stuff at the Climb to Conquer SADS. Our space are filling up now, so hurry up and reserve your room today!

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I want you all to know that I did NOT write that poem myself...but I hope you enjoyed reading it, and the other articles in the enews.

Catch you later!