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....he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed.

Proverbs 11:25


Tuesday Afternoon October 30, 2012


Dear PCA Family & Friends,


We need your help. Mission to North America Disaster Response is sending help in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the largest Atlantic tropical system in diameter on record. Although the storm has made landfall and weakened, the likely effects are yet to be revealed. Sandy's impact on the United States stretched from North Carolina to New England with tropical storm force winds stretching far inland and significant mountain snows in the Appalachian range.


MNA is sending staff, volunteer assessment teams, and equipment to assist our church family in the affected areas. Once assessments are complete we will be establishing bases of operations to best steward God's resources. Please check the MNA website at for the latest updates.


The strong winds and flood waters have affected many PCA congregations and their communities. Mission to North America Disaster Response has been invited to coordinate the response to this latest disaster and although we are engaged in the initial assessment stage, it is obvious that the needs are great. This situation is rapidly changing and many areas downriver are also under threat. God is not caught off guard by tragedy; He plans it. And He will use this latest disaster for His glory and for our good.


At this point we are confident that our response will be long-term and we anticipate that we will begin mobilizing volunteers as soon as we can insure access and safety. Consider forming a volunteer relief team and joining in the relief efforts at one of our worksites. If your church cannot participate in this way, perhaps your way of service would be to support those whom do have the flexibility to respond now. Historically, most hurricane-related disasters have affected the south. Our PCA churches in the Northeast have responded greatly to appeals to help; now is your opportunity to send help to those who have helped us so much in the past. Here is an opportunity to refresh others.


Please pray that the Lord will comfort our church family impacted by this storm and provide for them. Pray that God will provide PCA members with strengthened faith and opportunities to serve fellow believers; pray also for God's people as they serve others in these communities, demonstrating the Gospel through Spirit led acts of mercy. "Pray......that our service in Jerusalem may be acceptable to the saints there...." Romans 15:31. Pray for MNA Disaster Response staff and local church officers as we work together to coordinate the PCA response, that God will equip us with Godly wisdom. We also ask you to prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you participate in these efforts. If you are capable of bringing a first response team in the coming weeks, please click here.


Prayerfully consider a strong financial contribution. MNA Disaster Response staff and key leaders are formulating a strategy for a long-term response. Gifts will be used for relief operations, first to meet the needs of any PCA families who are affected, and to provide resources for PCA people to serve others in the community. Let us wrap our arms around our family in the loving nature of our Savior Jesus Christ. To contribute online to these relief efforts, please click here.



Serving you with my whole heart,


Arklie Hooten


MNA Disaster Response Director

Presbyterian Church in America / Mission to North America




Mission to North America, 1700 North Brown Road, Suite 101, Lawrenceville GA 30043