"Our Intranet is Ugly" - Intranet design 101
By Aadam Zaidi

Your intranet is dated, unfriendly, and ugly. It's certainly not being used to its fullest extent because users simply don't want to engage with it. And while employees claim that they would likely use it more if it weren't so hideous, there is more to user experience in the workplace than just your modern web design.  

Webinar: Intranet Gamification
Wednesday, July 22nd, 12:30 EDT

This webinar will introduce you to basic concepts of gamification on your intranet, the ways to approach it, and various tactics to better support engagement as well as various intranet initiatives.  

Intranet Design and Planning
have a plan
By Toby Ward

Planning is tantamount to success; design while not nearly as important, keeps them coming back. However, don't ever begin design without a plan - the equivalent of putting the horse AND the driver before the cart.

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