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August 2014 Edition
Note From The Spa Director

My journey began with a dream of owning a spa business. Getting up early, working hard and praying hard I have put those dreams into action. My vision became bigger and bigger to where it is now. What I love and treasure the most is your success stories and relationships. It will always be part of my life!


I will continue to work day in and day out to evolve as a skin care and wellness company and to help you stay healthy, and look beautiful inside and out by constantly searching for the latest and most effective techniques in the wellness and spa industry.


 To that end, here's what we have accomplished so far this year:

  • Relocated to a new retail space
  • A new website
  • A new e-zine
  • Many new treatments and products

Coming soon! a new spa software to schedule your appointments online and earn points.


I am very excited  to bring to you my new e-Zine! Each issue will have :


Two health, wellness, or beauty featured articles

Ask a therapist column

A spa cuisine recipe

Monthly Spa promotions

Monthly Buzz!

Amazing wellness facts

Opportunities to register and win!


We invite you to subscribe and share with your families and friends.


This summer is flying by. We know many of you still have vacations and other exciting outdoor activities planned in the coming weeks. If you are feeling a bit shy wearing that swimsuit, we can help. In this issue read the article Are You Bikini Shape? We provide you tips to help you look and feel fabulous when visiting the beach,  pool or barbequing in the park.


Check out our article Celebrate Friendship Day to discover qualities that make a good friend. But don't stop there. Plan some get together time with your friends to have a spa treatment. We have lots of sensational treatments for you and your friends to enjoy together. Be sure to try our delightful Fruit Kabob Recipe!


We hope you are having a funfilled summer. But, don't forget about us. We'll be glad to have you stop by for a visit at the spa Esthetiques!


We will be announcing an event very soon, so stay tuned!


To God Be The Glory!



Czareyna "ging ging"  Carcellar, RN, MSN, CRNP
Esthetiques Founder



Featured Articles

                         Are You In Bikini Shape?                                


 August is typically the month that most people head off for their big summer vacation. If you've spent the last few months indulging in backyard BBQs and poolside margaritas, there is still time to get into bikini shape by making a few easy changes to your diet and workout routine and by doing one of your favorite things... hitting the spa!


Burn More Calories!

In addition to your usual fitness activities and workout routines, consider making these small changes to your daily routine to burn off a few more calories each day:

  • Walk around your house or office when you are chatting on the phone with your girlfriend or on a conference call for work instead of sitting in a chair. Every step counts.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator... always!
  • Stop looking for that perfect parking space. Instead, purposely park farther away so you have more steps in your day. If that means, leaving earlier to do errands, then do it!
  • Multi-Task: Watch your favorite TV show or movie while doing crunches, lunges, planks, or jumping jacks.


Replace the Basics!

Diets come and go, but making a few simple substitutions to your regular diet can really make a difference.

  • Replace sugar with applesauce when you're baking.
  • Go for nuts instead of croutons for that extra crunch you want in your salad.
  • Opt for non-fat plain Greek yogurt instead of sour cream. It tastes the same with much less guilt!
  • Swap out rice for quinoa.
  • Try chia seeds instead of breadcrumbs.
  • Skip the whole milk and try almond or soymilk.


Hit the Spa!

Now for the fun part! Aside from being a great way to treat yourself, think of the spa as also the go-to place to get yourself in bikini shape and to care for your skin from summer fun in the sun! Consider these treatments...

  • Slimming wraps can help you lose few inches and reduce the appearance of cellulite so you look your best in that bikini!
  • Detox wraps also help to rid your body of toxins from your favorite summer cocktails, such as margaritas, daiquiris, and Mai Tai's!
  • Did you get too much sun this summer? Try a hydrating or cooling facial for your over-exposed skin.
  • Exfoliating body scrubs are a great way to either prep your skin for a spray tan or scrub off the dry skin after a summer of sun.
  • Manicure - Of course a nice bright summer color on your fingertips is the accessory for your vacation, beach, or pool attire.

Call today to reserve your summer spa appointments with us!


Celebrate Friendship Day!


As if we need a special day to celebrate all of our gal pals, buddies, besties, and BFFs in our lives, August 3, 2014 is a date dedicated just to that. It's Friendship Day! This celebration actually dates back to 1919 thanks to Hallmark cards.


            But over the years the idea waned a bit and until 1998 when Winnie the Pooh, of all characters, was named the world's Ambassador of Friendship by the United Nations and they declared July 30 as International Friendship Day. So, while some countries celebrate it the last week of July, most other countries still deem the first Sunday of August as the original Friendship Day.


Whatever the day, it's a great time to think cherish your friends, think about just what makes a great friend, and, of course, plan some spa time with your BFF!


            So what makes a great friend? A truly fantastic friend does seven these fabulous things...


Forgives: No one's perfect. We all mess up once in a while. What's important is how you handle the mistakes. The two most important sentences to get through life's little mishaps are: "I'm sorry" and "I forgive you." Almost any friendship can be mended with those little words. It's just as important to forgive as it is to be forgiven.


Respects: R-E-S-P-E-C-T! Our friends might not always agree with our choices, but they should at least respect that they are our choices for our reasons - and vice versa. Without respect, there can't be a true foundation for friendship. The same goes for how we treat others. As Albert Einstein said, "I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university."


Inspires: Be inspiring and surround yourself with people who inspire you. Oprah Winfrey once said, "Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher." Wise words from a wise woman.


Enjoys: Good friends need to enjoy each other's company. Have fun, laugh, get silly, be goofy, and let your hair down! A good belly laugh goes a long way. Having a friend who makes you laugh and shares your sense of humor - and laughs at your jokes even if they're not so funny- is a good friend indeed!


Never judges: As the late Maya Angelou, who passed away this May, famously once said, "The most called-upon prerequisite of a friend is an accessible ear." Sometimes we just need someone to sit and listen to us vent, cry, rant and rave without chiming in with judgment, opinions, or advice. Never judge; just listen with love, compassion, and empathy.


Drives you: No, we're not talking about being your personal chauffeur (though that would be nice). We mean a true friend drives you to be the best you can be, drives you to pick yourself up when you are down, and drives you to follow your dreams. And, well, on second thought, maybe she also does drive you home if you had one too many glasses of wine on a girls' night out! 



Spas! Above all, a good friend knows that the word "spa" is indeed a verb (even if Webster's Dictionary doesn't quite know it as one yet!) and she knows that "spa-ing" together is something that great friendships are made of!

Celebrate your friendship with your BFF, your sister, or your mom! Call us today to reserve your spa appointments!






  Fruit Kabobs


 What a fun addition to your backyard BBQ!




  •  Select your favorite summertime fruits such as Strawberries, Pineapples, Grapes, Kiwi, and Bananas.
  •  Bamboo or other disposable skewers (such as plastic).


1. If using wooden or bamboo skewers, make sure all the splinters are removed by    

rolling two together in your hands and removing excess splinters.

2. Cut the fruit that is not already small into bite-sized chunks.

3. Simply skewer the fruit pieces, rotating each type to make your kabobs look bright
and inviting.


4. Make sure to push them up fairly high so they don't slip off.


5. Arrange kabobs on serving platter and refrigerate until you serve.


Easy and Delicious!



Ask a Therapist 


Q: I have noticed dark spots and patches on my face. What can I do to lighten them up?



AAge spots are usually brown or black, and they pop up on areas of the skin that are constantly exposed to the sun, like your hands and face. If you're good about protecting your skin from ultraviolet rays, you might be able to prevent them. But if you go out regularly without any sunscreen , you'll probably develop them early on in life. The first thing to do is start wearing SPF daily! Next, choose a product with bleaching ingredients such as hydroquinone, or kojic acid. To treat the spots at home, I recommend getting a Microdermabrasion treatments with Chemical Peel every 3-4 weeks for a series of 6. 


 Have a question?


Submit it here


Or Call 443-600-8729 to ask a question. 





The Buzz..........
 Here's what people are saying about Esthetiques Skin Care:
"Ging, I would like to thank you first, you are very nice and very intelligent, you really know your products. Very professional. I really like what you did to my face, especially the extraction. Truly, I will recommend you to my friends and to everyone I know. I can't wait to see you on my next facial. I feel fresh. Thank you so much..."
"Everything about the facial was amazing. My face feel so refreshed and clean. It was very relaxing and I would definitely come back again and experience it all over. Thank you so much."
It was relaxing. We feel wonderful. We will surely come back!"
- Ellen and Rose
"I enjoyed the feeling of being fresh and relaxed with my face. The part of having the vacuum and high frequency instruments used during cleaning feels the difference. Thanks."
- Chin
"I really feel good! Relaxed and happy "
- Susan
"It's rejuvenating! I'm satisfied with the results! My facial skin feels cleaner and brighter!"
- Cathy
"What a great experience! I would definitely recommend it to all my friends and family. Awesome!!!"
 - Dr. Clauds
"I feel refresh and beautiful after the facial, cautery and microdermabrasion. The services are exeptional. I love Esthetiques. Will always come back. Excellent services and higly recommended."
- Dr. Hazel

"The feeling of being taken cared of by the gentle touch of Czareyna is very pampering. It is truly worth coming back again and again."
- Ophel
Spa Promotions

Need Some Time For You? 

Take a break from your busy schedule to enjoy a relaxing & rejuvanating

Emminence Organic Facial Treatment with relaxing mini massage

to make you feel revitalized. De-stress and unwind yourself while recollecting on fond memories and dreaming about new ones. Receive a complimentary Signature Eye, Lip & Neck Treatment ($30 value) when you reserve your appointment. $85 ($115 value). 


Reserve now!

Summer-Friendly Treatments
Summer-Friendly Treatments


designed to safely brighten summer-time pigment, leaving the skin  glowing and radiant. Indicated for all skin types. $60
Summer-Friendly Treatments
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Your Membership entitles you to one of the following treatments every month:
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  • Chemical Peel with corrective serum included
  • Microcurrent Treatment (non-surgical face lift)
  • 10% off retail and other services (excluding waxing and cautery).
$89 per month
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Czareyna Recommends!
Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum
Exlinea Peptide Smoothing Serum 
This treatment formulation synergistically hydrates, smooths and firms aging skin. It contains ingredients that minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 (Argireline) - works to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkling.

Sodium Hyaluronate - has the ability to hold 1,000 times its weight in water plays an important role in skin hydration.

Squalene - is a naturally occurring oil found in such foods as olives and wheat germ. It helps to keep the skin moist.

Oryza Sativa (Rice) Bran Wax - helps to moisturize and smooth the skin. 
Price $120 1 oz
            $ 37  .25 oz
Enhancement of the Month


This triple-action eye cream improves the appearance of puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye area. Its combination of three peptides leaves the eye area looking smooth, even and bright. Moisturizing properties leave skin glowing and hydrated.
Price $52

Amazing Wellness Fact 

couple_eating.jpg Did you know that skipping breakfast could be deadly? In one study, skipping breakfast was linked to an increased risk of premature death. By far, the best meal to skip or, at least minimize, is dinner. Another study reported better weight loss, improvement in diabetic conditions, and increased thyroid efficiency among a group of 595 people who consumed their last meal of the day by 3:00pm. Amazing Health Facts, p.6

Thought for the Month!


Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God. Corinthians 10:31

~ King James Version










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