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Welcome to the DCC Edition of the SBS4DCC newsletter.

It's new year that promises to bring lots of great new products from all of the lines I carry.  This edition highlights a couple of new products that confirm this.

The most exciting product highlighted today is the new ESU LokPilot Nano and ESU LokPilot FX Nano.  This motor decoder is perfect for tight N or Z scale projects and the FX model is a perfect addition to my own line of decoder-friendly lighting kits.

Sorry, I did not find time to post any new content on the site since the last edition.  Life has chewed up the clock.  I also had to make time to list a ton of NEW N SCALE ROLLING STOCK.  If the year starts off well, I will try to add a similar selection of HO scale rolling stock for your enjoyment.

I would highlight my page about The Infamous 21MTC Interface Connector once again.  This is everything you need to know, or at least everything I know, about this increasingly popular and sometimes confusing decoder interface.

It really is a great time to be a... Digital Model Railroader!

So with that... All Aboard!

All the best, and once again, Thank you for your patronage.  Bryan

Featured Product

The new ESU Mobile Control II is in stock and ready to ship ...

New ESU 50113 ECoS Mobile Control II Remote Control Handset w/ LAN Cable Mini-Accesspoint and Power Supply

WOW!  Can I get a whoop, whoop?

I am please to introduce the most advanced and most functional throttle to the model railroading community, the ESU ECoS Mobile Control II Remote Control Handset.  I have always liked the sleek, modern feel and functionality of my smart phone as a throttle but always wanted a dedicated device with a real speed control knob to operate my trains.


Here it is.  ESU has hit another home run in my score book with the introduction of this new device.  Word from Pennsylvania is that the new units are stateside and nearly ready to ship.  I expect to have them available to ship in just a few more days.

I am new to the product too but am familiar with the technology having a smart phone and having used the concept on a layout with the Roco Z21.  You can bet I will put up a product review page as quickly as I can.  From reading the manual, which is already available online, and specifications I can tell you now... It's out of the park!

  • Fully functional DCC throttle operates trains and accessories
  • Android-based open platform design has plenty of room to advance
  • 3.2 inch (480 x 800 pixels, 280 dpi), backlit color TFT display
  • ARM® Cortex® A8 micro processor clocked with 1.3 GHz and 1GB RAM 
  • 4 GB flash memory for storing apps and data
  • USB port and a WLAN interface
Don't miss out on this great new product and order your ESU ECoS Mobile Control II Remote Control Handset now to make this the best Christmas ever!

Streamlined Backshop

Ok, Ok... Not DCC But Noteworthy New Products

So... I'm not really doing an all-products newsletter these days but these new products are just too cool to ignore...

N Kato Siemens ACS-64 Amtrak - Amfleet I Phase VI 5-Unit Bookcase Set

N/HO Kato Unitrack - 24-84TC - Replacement Turnout Cable

HO Atlas Trainman EMD GP38 L&I Louisville & Indiana #2004 w/ ESU LokSound Select DCC & Sound

HO Atlas Trainman EMD GP38-2 INRD Indiana Rail Road #3803 w/ QSI DCC & Sound

HO Kato Gunderson MAXI-IV Well Car Set

New Digitrax Help Desk

Welcome to the Digitrax Help Desk!

In order to streamline support requests and better serve you, we utilize a support ticket system. Every support request is assigned a unique ticket number which you can use to track the progress and responses online. For your reference we provide complete archives and history of all your support requests. A valid email address is required to submit a ticket.

The Digitrax Help Desk hours of operation:

Regular Business Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00AM to 12:00PM *close for lunch until 1:00PM* 1:00PM - 5:00PM CST.

ESU  LokPilot FX Nano Standard
Multi-protocol (MM/DCC/SX) Decoder

The LokPilot Nano Standard is the smallest ESU decoder. Due to the utilisation of sub miniature components as well as the latest production technology we are now in position to build an ESU decoder on a base of only 8.0 mm x 7.0 mm. It is only 2.4 mm high (2.8 mm at one position) and thus is shallow enough to fit into very small locomotives, even in TT and N scale. Despite its very compact size we have not made any shortcuts with regard to quality and robustness.

Decoder Specifications:

Size: 0.32 x 0.28 x 0.11 Inch (8 x 7 x 2.8 mm)
Connection: NEM652 8 Pin, NEM651 6 Pin, or NEM651 6 Pin Integral
Motor Rating: 0.75 Amp
Functions: (4) 150mA outputs

*** Pricing Is Guestimated And Subject To Change ***

ESU 51840 SignalPilot DCC Accessory Decoder

Today we would like to present to you a brand new multi-protocol accessory decoder designed for controlling signals. Due to its intelligent software it supports DCC and Motorola®. Flexible programming makes this decoder THE all-rounder amongst accessory decoders. The SignalPilot has 16 outputs for direct connection of micro lamps respectively LEDs installed in daylight signals. Due to the fact that the outputs are designed as push/pull power amplifiers, they are suitable for both - conventional daylight signals with common anode as well as for daylight signals and/or lighting strips with common ground (common cathode), as is the case with some Viessmann® signals. Of course, the SignalPilot decoder can also handle semaphore signals and turnout motors.

Outputs: 16 outputs, maximum 250 mA each. Connection by means of removable terminal strips. Push/pull power amplifiers: Each output may be connected individually to either decoder ground or to the common positive return. Individual assignment of decoder addresses to the outputs (Mapping). Lighting effects and brightness can be adjusted individually. Cross-fading and time dependent sequences. Pre-programmed signal aspects. Short circuit and overload protection for all outputs.

*** Pricing Is Guestimated And Subject To Change ***

ESU 53900 LokTester V2.0
DCC Decoder Test Station

New ESU 53900 LokTester V2.0 DCC Decoder Test Station And Extension

Besides a 6-pole NEM 651 socket and the 8-pole NEM 652 socket, it also has an 21MTC interface as per NEM 660, a PluX22 socket as well as a Next18 interface: No matter which type of decoder you have: Simply plug it in - it will fit! And that's all there is to it!

Two SUSI plugs facilitate the direct test of optional SUSI modules as well as the connection to another circuit board.

If necessary, you can add the Decoder Tester Extension to your LokTester Decoder Tester V2.0: Plugged into the side of the Decoder Tester V2.0 it enables you to comfortably test  LokSound XL or LokSound L decoders in your workshop.

*** Pricing Is Guestimated And Subject To Change ***


New ESU 54671 PowerPack Mini and 54672 PowerPack Maxi

The new ESU PowerPack Mini can be wired to all fourth generation ESU decoders. It reliably supplies energy to your locomotive when traversing dirty track or long turnout ladders.  With its energy storage (1 Farad capacity) the unit supplies power to all light and motor functions as well as to the sound module. Subject to the energy consumption of your model it may continue to move for up to three seconds.

The new ESU PowerPack Maxi has been developed as the powerful complement to the LokSound L V4.0 decoder. It can, of course, provided there is sufficient space, also be connected to all LokPilot V4.0, LokSound V4.0 or LokSound V4.0 M4 decoders. It provides uninterrupted power to your locomotive when traversing dirty track and long turnout ladders. All sound, lighting and motor functions are buffered with the aid of two energy storage capacitors enabling your models - subject to the total energy consumption - to continue running for up to three seconds.

*** Pricing Is Guestimated And Subject To Change ***

Soundtraxx ECO-200
Econami DCC
Sound Decoder

Soundtraxx ECO-PNP
Econami DCC
Sound Decoder

Soundtraxx ECO-100 Econami Micro DCC Sound Decoder

Soundtraxx ECO-21P Econami NMRA 21MTC DCC Sound Decoder

Soundtraxx ECO-400 Econami Large Scale DCC Sound Decoder 

Soundtraxx has added two new formats to it's new line of sound decoders dubbed the Econami.

The new ECO-200 offer high amp motor circuit suitable for use in older HO models as well as many S and O gauge models.  The new ECO-PNP presents all of the great features of the Econami line of decoders in the ever-popular HO Scale drop-in style board used in many Athearn, Atlas, and similar models.

The new line features the same great sound we expect from Soundtraxx plus several marked improvements to their lineup including Hyperdrive2 motor control and Flex-Map function mapping.

The new line also introduces a 4-amp model for O scale modelers eliminating the need for dual decoder installs.

Here is a complete comparison of the new Econami to the stalwart Tsunami line.

This motherboard is designed to replace the original lighting board in Atlas and Kato Diesel locomotives. Included on this motherboard is a KA2 Keep-Alive™ for smooth operation over troublesome tracks. Pair with a WOW121 for unparalleled sound and interruption free performance.

TCS WOW Speakers

TCS has just added a whole bunch of new speaker models to their WOW Speaker line. 

You can see the complete line by visiting the TCS Speakers speakers category.  I will be adding the new models and bringing in stock as soon as possible.

Team Digital, LLC

Team Digital DCC Accessory Decoder CSC - Central Signal Controller

The CSC (Central Signal Controller) is uniquely suited to control the SHD2 (dual signal head decoder). It can also control indicators on a layout or a CTC panel such as block occupancy and switch (turnout) position. The CSC has build-in customizable logic to implement various signal schemes. This includes ABS, APB and prototypical grade crossing. It can receive switch command and sensor/block detection messages from the serial bus and/or switch and block state from the inputs. It uses this information to determine signal states with the built-in logic. The number of wires to implement a signal system is greatly reduced when using the CSC and the SHD2.

The SC82 is a DCC compatible accessory decoder capable of driving eight servo motors . It has eight inputs for local control and 8 routes and a serial bus.

* DCC compatible accessory decoder
* Controls 8 servos
* "Power Save" greatly reduces current requirements
* Programmable position and speed of servos
* Simple semaphore signal control
* Inputs for local control of servos
* Remote controlled routes for turnouts
* Digitrax LocoNet® compatible serial bus
* DCC gateway to serial bus
* Support for Berrett Hill Touch Triggers with optional interface board

The SIC24e (Signal and Indicator Controller) is uniquely suited to control various types of signals and indicators on a layout or a CTC panel. It can be used as a signal controller, to indicate block occupancy and turnout position, and as a grade crossing gate controller with flashing signals. It can be used as a general input/output unit to work with PC software like JMRI. Combinations of some of these features are also possible. The SIC24e is compatible with many DCC systems* (see below).

Board size: 2.2" X 4.0"

Control signals on your layout
* Built-in logic for automatically controlling signals using block detection
* Configurable to model many signaling systems
* Computer not required, but can be used with one

Control indicators on your layout or CTC panel
* Block detection
* Turnout status
* Crossing gate and flashers

Provides 24 outputs
* Drives up to eight 3 LED signal heads with common anode or common cathode
* Drives Bi-color LED searchlights with 2 or 3 leads.
* Drives Tortoise™ switch machines for turnout control
* Drives Tortoise™ switch machines for semaphore signal control including the middle yellow aspect.

Provides 8 inputs
* For local turnout control.
* For occupancy sensors
* For turnout feedback sensors

Simple inter-board wiring
* Serial bus reduces system wiring
* Digitrax LocoNet® compatible
* DCC gateway to serial bus

Simple basic setup
* Built-in setup configuration options
* "Smart Programming" in conjunction with self programming

Features differences from SIC24AD:
* The On the Main programming address (Ops mode) can be up to 16000 using the serial bus (LocoNet®) and JMRI.

Features differences from old SIC24:
* "Smart Programming" has been greatly improved with additional options for easier setup.
* CVs 1 to 9 have changed to be similar to SRC16.
* Decoder Configuration CV9 has some different options. No option to support Digitrax SE8C.
* Digitrax specific - improved LocoNet® interface resulting in fewer grounding issues with LocoNet®.
* DCC to serial bus gateway option.
* Optionally can be powered from the track (HO scale or smaller).



Zimo MXTAPV DCC Decoder Test and Connector Board - Large and Small Scale

New Zimo MXTAP DCC Decoder Test and Connector Boards

The ZIMO Decoder Test and Connector Boards are preferably used together with MXULF and MXULFA, and with ZIMO based devices, especially the MX10, for updating the decoder software, downloading sound projects and testing the sound decoder. With older ZIMO digital systems and with third-party systems, MXTAPS and MXTAPV can only be used as a decoder test boards.

The principle features of these boards:

- Support for the plugs on all current ZIMO decoder interfaces (as of mid-2015), e.g. PluX12, -16, -22, Next 18, MTC21, NEM 651, NEM 652 (all NMRA or VHDM standardized), as well as the connection of large scale decoders - MX696, MX697, MX699 (ZIMO proprietary).

- Two versons - MXTAPS for small scales, MXTAPV for all types of connection

- Connection to MXULF or ZIMO command station, or other digital command centres via double plug to "TRACK (SCHIENE)" connection, and possibly (if necessary) using the included "SUSI" cable.

Zimo MX600 Standard
NMRA DCC Decoder

Zimo MX600R Standard
NMRA DCC Decoder
NEM652 8-pin Wired Plug

Zimo MX600P12 Basic
NMRA DCC Decoder
PluX 12-Pin Integral Plug

New Zimo MX600 Basic NMRA DCC Decoder

The intention to create this decoder types, is quite similar as with "standard" decoders of the competition: the model railroaders to make as attractive as possible, with focus on the things that he "really needs", and superfluous, omitting " "ingredients. With ZIMO are the actual reductions compared to the "normal" decoders failed rather low (see short list at the end of this message) and the intended use (ie DCC operation to SUSI and servos with no need) is not noticeable.

The term "flat Decoder" is due to the low height of the unilateral placement ago. Their more important effect is probably that a particularly low price is possible, much cheaper than the other - just two sides tipped - ZIMO decoders. It also circuitry cost optimisations have been made, but for the vast majority of applications, the MX600 still a full ZIMO decoders.

Decoder Versions:
  • MX600, 7 highly flexible wires 120 mm in length
  • MX600R, 8-pin interface connector on 70mm wire
  • MX600P12, 12-pin PLuX interface connector

Dimensions: 1.00 x .44 x .079 inches (25 x 11 x 2 mm)

*** Pricing Is Guestimated And Subject To Change ***

Flag Stop... 
What YOU See Is What I Have


SBS4DCC - Stock Status Information


Just a reminder that SBS4DCC features real-time inventory tracking.  If it says it is in stock... it IS...  I try to maintain a strong selection of DCC and Model Railroad products and try not to hide what I do not stock yet.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide catalog items when you can wait a few extra days as this makes a huge difference in my ability to grow and expand my selection.


Every now and then, I do run out of an item.  Backorders are accepted on many stock items and orders can still be placed for those items through the web store.


Don't see what you need?  I have a growing list of suppliers so be sure to ask about any product you need that is not listed on my site.  

SBS4DCC Products...

Finally! A small speaker that will rock your world.  


Four Sizes
Eight Baffles
Thirty Two Sweet Speaker Options



SBS4DCC Varnish Lighting 


Bring your crack passenger trains to life with the brilliance and intensity of flicker-free LED lighting at an affordable price. 



Constant Non-Directional Design


Expandable Anti-Flicker Circuit


DCC-Friendly Design 


Adjustable Brightness


Z, N and HO Scale Models Available





DCC Tools...
The ESU LokTester is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Screw Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660


6 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
20mm Speaker

The MRT Accutrak II Speedometer is a free standing, battery operated scale speedometer for 9mm, N, 4mm, HO scales.  The Accutrack II provides additional clearance for double stacks, AutoMax and other limited clearance cars.


Its design is based upon infrared beams which create a "trap" zone through which the train travels.

Accutrak II Features:

Ideal for DCC speed matching DCC


Operates on 2 AAA batteries


Scale Selectable  - N (1:148 and 1:160) or OO/HO (1:76.4 and 1:87)


Display in mph or kph

Use this handy portable tool to keep your servos centered while you mount them under the layout.

The tool consists of a battery box connected to a small circuit board that continuously puts out a centering signal for the servo (1.5 ms pulse).

Keeping your servos properly centered while mounting is the key to making the servos work best.

The battery box has an on/off switch to save your batteries when not in use.

Everyone using servos for turnouts needs one of these.

Requires 3 AA batteries.


RRampMeter is now marketed by DCC Specialties!

The only inexpensive device that accurately measures DCC Volts/Amps. Also measures AC and DC Volts/Amps.

Costs less than DVMs that cannot measure DCC. 

Ver I, II, & III rated at 6 Amps and Ver IV rated at 20 Amps.

Measures true RMS Volts/Amps, +/- 2%.

Suitable for all scales.

No batteries required.

Designed for Left/Right-hand use.

PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"

4 Styles Available
Adjustable contacts permit direct track voltage measurements for all scales.

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