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Welcome to the DCC Edition of the SBS4DCC newsletter.

It was a short summer but WOW! There is a lot of news since my last DCC edition.  

There are several new and noteworthy decoders coming out, a whole new genre of decoder with the release of the Tsunami SoundCar, and lots of general improvements from nearly every DCC manufacturer.

What great time to be a... Digital Model Railroader!

In addition to all of the great news and new products that follow, I have cleaned up the Tutorials, Tips & Tricks section of the SBS4DCC website and added a few new pages that I hope you find useful.

I also continue to add new information to my "Sugar Cube" Speakers page that I hope will help you get even better results from this fantastic solution.

So with that... All Aboard!

Featured Product

The Soundtraxx Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder...

Now your train is no longer limited to locomotive sounds! The 16-bit Tsunami SoundCar Digital Sound Decoder™ is the only DCC decoder to replicate railcar sounds, such as the clickety-clack, flange squeal, flat spots, generator, brake cylinders, and glad hand release. It also includes a selection of user-adjustable horns, bells and whistles for cab cars and cabooses. For even more realism, the decoder has four Hyperlight lighting outputs for interior and exterior lights.

These universal-style decoders measure 47mm x 14mm x 8.5mm and are easy to install in N to G scales. They work with any 8-ohm speaker.  For the optimal experience, use a SoundCar decoder in every third or fourth car in a consist.

The SoundCar also includes a 2-pin plug for optionally using the SoundTraxx CurrentKeeper™ to maintain sounds and lights during momentary power losses due to finicky wheel pickups and not-so-perfect track.

SoundCar Sound Effects!
  • Airhorns: Wabco E2, Nathan K5LA and Hancock air whistle
  • Bells: Cast, electric and gong
  • Brake cylinders
  • Brake squeal
  • Clickety-clack: Adjustable for 2-, 4- and 6-axle cars
  • Coupler clank and pin drop
  • Coupler release with glad hand separation
  • Flange squeal
  • Flat spots
  • Emergency brake valve ("big hole")
  • Generators: User-adjustable for reefers and passenger cars
  • Hand brake tie down and untie
  • Retainer bleed-off

BIG Sound Features! 

The SoundCar decoder features new and accurate recordings, most of which can be customized to accommodate a variety of rolling stock. Furthermore, the decoder has automated sound sequences and auto-adjusting features for prototypical operation. 

Intelligent Consisting™ Consisting Made Easy 

With the SoundCar, your switching sessions can be more realistic than ever! Our easy-to-use Intelligent Consisting™ lets you add and remove cars from your train without tricky programming. When the mode is activated, you can simply wave a magnet over the cars to quickly cut them in or out of the consist. Just like a brakeman with a brake club, this action is synced with a sound effect of the car's hand brakes being tied or untied.

  • Size: 1.85 x .55 x 0.34 Inch (47 x 14 x 8.5 mm)
  • Connection: Hardwire
  • Function Outputs: 4
  • Function Current: 100mA (each output)
  • Audio Amplifier: 1 Watt, 8 Ohm Load 

Also available:

I have been advised this new model is in production now in Durango and will be available by the end of the month.  Pre-order your Tsunami SoundCars today at Streamlined Backshop.
Be sure to visit for a great selection of our exclusive Wheel and Axle WipersSound Car Kits, and Ready-To-Run Train Sound Cars.  My line of Sound Car products was developed specifically for this application.  
WOW!  Finally a decoder to complete the project!!

SBS4DCC N Scale Tsunami SoundCar Demo

Digitrax Series 6 Decoders
Digitrax has released two new motor decoders featuring the new Series 6 firmware including the DZ126M2 designed to fit the new Micro Trains Line SW1500 Locomotive.

These and many other new Digitrax products are in stock now at SBS4DCC.  

As a bonus for SBS4DCC customers, all of the old models have been marked down and added to my Clearance Items category.  Don't miss out on these great prices!

ESU LokPilot Standard Decoders

ESU has released their new LokPilot Standard line of motor decoders that replaces the Basic model.  The LokPilot Standard comes in three different interfaces that include:

The new Standard line includes many improvements on the Basic line like BEMF and consisting at the same great price.

ESU SwitchPilot V2.0

ESU has also released improved models in their SwitchPilot accessory decoder line.  

ESU 51820 SwitchPilot DCC Accessory Decoder V2.0

ESU 51822 SwitchPilot Servo DCC Accessory Decoder V2.0

The improvements are mostly related to firmware and the new models feature RailCom bi-directional communication.

Mobile Control II Availability

The new Mobile Control II throttle for the ESU 50200 ECoS will be offered in two models, the 50113 and 50114.  

ESU is hoping to have the new throttle available in October or November of 2014.  Get your pre-orders in now.

As a bonus for SBS4DCC customers, the old models of handheld controllers for the ECoS have been marked down and added to my Clearance Items category.  Don't miss out on these great prices!


JMRI 3.9.2 Development Version

Released on August 3, 2014.  This is the next test release in the series working toward an eventual JMRI 3.10 production version in late 2014.

The new release includes initial support for the Roco Z21 Command Station.

For more information on this test release, please read the JMRI 3.9.2 Release Notes, which also contains the download links. 

Gladhands... MRC and JMRI

MRC has finally decided to work with JMRI to develop the hardware support interface necessary to use the MRC Prodigy line of DCC command stations seamlessly with the Decoder Pro programming tool and other great features of the software.

This support was introduced in JMRI Development release 3.9.1.  You will need a MRC 1516 USB Cable to connect your command station to the computer.  

You can find additional information about this configuration on the JMRI: MRC/GaugeMaster Prodigy Advanced2 webpage.


Welcome To The NCE Information Station

NCE has created a new Information Station to improve access to manuals, videos, supporting information and help for their product line.

A New QSI Solutions Website

QSI has officially opened their new website,


Besides the new look and updated information, the site has improved access to sound and manual downloads.


Be sure to have a look around.


SBS4DCC has the QSI Titan A and U Sound Decoders back in stock and ready for shipment.


Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper 


Not-so-perfect track? Is the model lacking multiple good track pickups? Now you and your customers can experience hiccup-free sound and operation with any DCC decoders with our new CurrentKeeper.

The CurrentKeeper provides continuous sound and smooth operation by maintaining uninterrupted electrical power for up to 10 seconds - perfect for dirty track and finicky runners. Sized at 40mm x 6mm x 11mm, the CurrentKeeper will fit easily in your decoder installs.

  • Size: 1.58 x 0.24 x 0.44 Inch (40.0 x 6.0 x 11.0 mm)
  • Connection: 2-pin JST 
I am told this product will begin shipping soon so be sure to place your order now.



New N and Z Scale Drop-In Decoders

TCS has announced two new motor decoders for their N and Z scale drop-in lines.


TCS 1549 MT1500 DCC Decoder for Micro-Trains SW-1500


TCS 1550 AZL4 DCC Decoder for Americal Z-Line Diesels


They expect the new models to be available in late 2014.  You can pre-order yours now from SBS4DCC.




Reports are that progress continues on the development and release of the WOW-Diesel.  I understand the development team has been out making numerous recordings over the summer to get the sound files ready.  No release date has been set. 

Team Digital DCCBreak Digital Circuit Breaker

Team Digital has announced the DCCBreak digital circuit breaker.  The DCCBreak features timed start-up so that you can control how the layout is energized on start-up.

SBS4DCC is now stocking the full Team Digital product line to offer you a great product and quick delivery at a great price.  All products should be in stock by next week.

Zimo MX658N18 Sound Decoder

Zimo has announced the new MX658N18 sound decoder featuring the Next18 connector on the way.  The Next18 connector is becoming more popular with small scale model manufacturers due to its size and ease of use.

The small size, excellent features, and reknowned Zimo motor control make this decoder a great solution for your Next18 applications.

Zimo MX10 Delivery Update

Delivery of the MX10 is getting closer.  They have finished the radio cab MX32FU which was required to finish the MX10.  The hardware for the MX10 is actually ready but they are still working on refining the software for both the MX10 and MX32.  The final step will be completion of German and English manuals.  They are hoping to start shipments before the end of the year.

Zimo MXULFA Firmware Update

Zimo has released new firmware for the MXULFA update module.  The new version, 0.70.00, supports a direct PC programming interface via the Micro-USB connection.  I have located the correct cables but I still have not tested a connection.

Zimo ZCS Decoder Update Software

The maintenance and development of ZCS Decoder Update Software has been taken over by Mr. Matthias Manhart.  Mr. Manhart has now released ZCS v4.0.  I have loaded the software and poked around but not tried this with the MXULFA yet.  I did notice the English translations in this version is greatly improved.

New Zimo Product Manuals

Zimo has released a new MXULF and Small Decoders manual.  Both can be downloaded from the Zimo website.

Flag Stop... 
What YOU See Is What I Have


SBS4DCC - Stock Status Information


Just a reminder that SBS4DCC features real-time inventory tracking.  If it says it is in stock... it IS...  I try to maintain a strong selection of DCC and Model Railroad products and try not to hide what I do not stock yet.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide catalog items when you can wait a few extra days as this makes a huge difference in my ability to grow and expand my selection.


Every now and then, I do run out of an item.  Backorders are accepted on many stock items and orders can still be placed for those items through the web store.


Don't see what you need?  I have a growing list of suppliers so be sure to ask about any product you need that is not listed on my site.  

SBS4DCC Products...

Finally! A small speaker that will rock your world.  


Four Sizes
Eight Baffles
Thirty Two Sweet Speaker Options



SBS4DCC Varnish Lighting 


Bring your crack passenger trains to life with the brilliance and intensity of flicker-free LED lighting at an affordable price. 



Constant Non-Directional Design


Expandable Anti-Flicker Circuit


DCC-Friendly Design 


Adjustable Brightness


Z, N and HO Scale Models Available





DCC Tools...
The ESU LokTester is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Screw Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660


6 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
20mm Speaker

The MRT Accutrak Speedometer is a free standing, battery operated scale speedometer HO and N scales.


Its design is based upon infrared beams which create a "trap" zone through which the train travels.

Accutrak Features:

Ideal for DCC speed matching DCC


Operates on 2 AAA batteries


Scale Selectable  - N or HO

Use this handy portable tool to keep your servos centered while you mount them under the layout.

The tool consists of a battery box connected to a small circuit board that continuously puts out a centering signal for the servo (1.5 ms pulse).

Keeping your servos properly centered while mounting is the key to making the servos work best.

The battery box has an on/off switch to save your batteries when not in use.

Everyone using servos for turnouts needs one of these.

Requires 3 AA batteries.


RRampMeter is now marketed by DCC Specialties!

The only inexpensive device that accurately measures DCC Volts/Amps. Also measures AC and DC Volts/Amps.

Costs less than DVMs that cannot measure DCC. 

Ver I, II, & III rated at 6 Amps and Ver IV rated at 20 Amps.

Measures true RMS Volts/Amps, +/- 2%.

Suitable for all scales.

No batteries required.

Designed for Left/Right-hand use.

PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"

4 Styles Available
Adjustable contacts permit direct track voltage measurements for all scales.

DCC Links...

DCC Calculators & Reference...



And don't forget I carry a fantastic selection of DCC products from all of the best manufacturers including CT ElektroniksDigitraxElectronic Solutions Ulm (ESU)Lenz,MRCNCEQSI SolutionsRoco Z21SoundtraxxTCS and Zimo.


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