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It's the May Days TCS WOW-101 Sale
Featured Product
On Sale Now through May 31, 2014...


MSRP: $124.95
Sale Price: $79.69
You Save: $45.26

MSRP: $139.95
Sale Price: $89.21
You Save: $50.74

Now introducing the new streamlined, versatile and easy to install WOW101-Steam.
The WOW101 has the same extraordinary sound quality and sound functions as the original version in a smaller package with a 9-Pin JST connector on the front and an auxiliary 7-Pin JST harness on the rear. WOWsound decoders can be purchased with or without Keep Alive™. When purchasing with Keep Alive™ there is over a ten dollar savings from separately purchasing the WOW101 and the KA2 Keep Alive™. 

This version is hardwired (but can be used with any 9-Pin JST harnesses), and does not include onboard resistors for LED's. This decoder has 6x lighting functions.  

  • Includes Light, Medium, and Heavy Steam Locomotive Sounds!
  • True CD Quality Sound! No one else even comes close.
  • 44,100 Samples Per Second at 16 bit resolution.
  • Dynamic Chuff for naturally realistic chuff sounds.
  • Optional Keep-Alive for skip free sound and uninterrupted performance.
  • And many more features. Check back for feature updates!
  • Includes Light, Medium, and Heavy Steam Locomotive Sounds!

The 1517 version includes a KA2 Keep-Alive™ device attached to the auxiliary harness.
The WOW-101's are on sale now through May 31.  I am passing along thismanufacturer's discount in addition to my already low price.  This is a great product at a great price so be sure to take advantage of this GREAT opportunity.


Digitrax Series 6 Decoders
Digitrax has released several motor decoders featuring the new Series 6 firmware.

Most models are in stock now at SBS4DCC.  The balance will be in stock in the coming weeks.

As a bonus for SBS4DCC customers, all of the old models have been marked down and added to my Clearance Items category.  Don't miss out on these great prices!

Digitrax PR3 Firmware Update

 Digitrax has released PR3 1.0 Firmware update for 64 bit operating systems.

This is a product upgrade to expand the PR3 beyond the original 32 bit operating system design capability. Users on 32 bit systems and whose PR3's are working fine do not need to modify their PR3's. This IPL is only recommended for users with 64 bit systems or have had issues with Vista/Win7/Win8.

Introducing the ESU ECoS Mobile Control II

Since smart phones with touch screens have almost completely replaced the conventional mobile phone, model train enthusiasts and manufacturers face the question how to employ more powerful devices for controlling model trains. As a result of this, many apps have been developed lately, which can be uploaded onto your mobile phone and used for running your trains.

This concept, however, has one disadvantage, namely that smart phones have not been primarily designed for running model trains. Due to the lack of suitable input elements the operator is forced to spend most of the time looking at the display. The limits become quickly obvious, once the battery of the phone has been discharged and nobody can reach you by phone anymore.

We at ESU had a look at the question on how to utilize the advantages of the smart phone technology and combine it with the needs of model train enthusiasts.

It is with great joy that we now present the results of our considerations. With the new Mobile Control II you have wireless control of your locomotives, accessories and routes simply by radio control!

Mobile Control II Availability

The Mobile Control II will be offered in two models, the 50113 and 50114.  Availability is expected in late 2014.

Keep an eye out on the SBS4DCC website and newsletters for updates on this product.

As a bonus for SBS4DCC customers, the old models of handheld controllers for the ECoS have been marked down and added to my Clearance Items category.  Don't miss out on these great prices!


JMRI 3.7.4 Development Version

Released on April 20, 2014.  This is the next in a series working toward an eventual JMRI 3.8 production version in mid 2014.

For more information on this test release, please read the JMRI 3.7.4 Release Note, which also contains the download links. 

A Message From Josh Shedaker, Owner of QSI Solutions

Greetings everyone,


It's been an absolutely crazy couple of weeks trying to get all this stuff finished but we're finally close enough to get moving here. 


I'm posting the link to my new website, I haven't moved the site over to the url yet because I'm not finished migrating all of the downloadable content over. In the meantime, my new site is live at this address please read the rest of this post before clicking over to the new site.


The new site is absolutely still a work in progress, so there are many pages which are incomplete and many links which may not go anywhere just yet. One of the real beauties of the new site is that I can update everything on it myself at whim, at no additional cost, this will enable me to keep everything on the site up to date with ease. During this construction phase this means that the site, in some cases, will change 5 or 6 times a day as I continue to add content and find homes for everything. The old site was horrifically disorganized and is a real bear to transfer over so please continue to bear with me as I work on this. As soon as I have the Q2 and Q1a sound files moved over, I'll move the site to the standard address. In the meantime, I wanted to give you guys first crack at checking it, and the new steam files out so feel free to go to the link above and start looking around. Also, I know the ads on there are annoying, they'll go away once I move this to the address.


The steam files are available for download on the new site as well, please understand these are evaluation files and at present only support DCC operation. We have a couple adjustments to make to enable DC support. There's a document on the Titan ET Steam File page which briefly explains the new features, and what to listen for when operating the steam files. I'll be working on the complete Titan ET Steam Programming Guide over the next couple days. For the time being there is NO onboard library, please make sure you download the latest Q2 Upgrade and CV Manager which are also posted on the new site to get complete access to all the new sounds via the Cut & Paste menu in Q2 Upgrade. The Complete DCC Reference Manual has been updated to be current with the new steam features as well and is ALSO available on the new site. In short, I've tried to get everything posted that's been absent from the existing site. Please remember, as I stated earlier, I'm working on this all the time and will continuously update things as I progress. 


The best part about all this is that I've gotten enough finished to finally fully reopen and get back to normal operations. I appreciate everyone's patience throughout this time period. I'll be leaving the phone closed in the morning to try an catch up on emails but I should be reachable again starting tomorrow afternoon. My first big push is to get all repair units in fixed and sent back out immediately so if you have one in with me stay tuned for info on it over the next day or so.

Thanks again for all your patience, I hope you enjoy the new steam files as much we think you're going to, and let us know if you have questions.

An Intro To Emulator Technology™


Emulator Technology™ (ET™) is another in a long line of industry firsts from QSI. Now you can control your model and have the sound respond exactly like it would on a real locomotive: in real time. Through diligent research and first rate software design your model will respond to your commands like the real thing, essentially because it thinks it is the real thing.


Please Note, the Titan ET files are not compatible with the onboard libraries found in the Q2-FX Titan files. Instead users will use the Cut & Paste section of Q2 Upgrade to select their prefered sounds prior to loading the soundfile to their decoder.

New ET Sound Files Are Available Now

The long awaited Emulator Technology files are now available by following the link above to the temporary web site.  New ET sound sets include...


2 Cylinder Steam

4 Cylinder Steam (Articulated)



ALCo 244

ALCo 251

ALCo 539

Cummins HBI-600

Dual GE FDL16

EMD 567

EMD 645

Fairbanks Morse 38d-6

GE 7FDL16 (Modern)


GE FDL16 (Old Style)




Soundtraxx 810140 Tsunami Current Keeper 


Not-so-perfect track? Is the model lacking multiple good track pickups? Now you and your customers can experience hiccup-free sound and operation with any DCC decoders with our new CurrentKeeper.

The CurrentKeeper provides continuous sound and smooth operation by maintaining uninterrupted electrical power for up to 10 seconds - perfect for dirty track and finicky runners. Sized at 40mm x 6mm x 11mm, the CurrentKeeper will fit easily in your decoder installs.

  • Size: 1.58 x 0.24 x 0.44 Inch (40.0 x 6.0 x 11.0 mm)
  • Connection: 2-pin JST 
I am told this product will begin shipping soon so be sure to place your order now.



WOW-101 Sound File and Firmware Update Capability

I had a discussion with the factory a couple of weeks ago regarding WOW decoders.  I was advised that the WOW will NOT be able to be updated by the user.  Not sure if this is a firm no (never going to happen and not backwards compatible) or just a very, very low priority in their development process.  I was left to believe it is something they are not pursuing in any fashion at this time.


They strongly advised to not remove the SD card from the decoder as editing with a PC would render the card unuseable and the decoder inoperable.  I cannot attest to this with first hand knowledge as I have no desire to render one inoperable.  If I had a Franklin to throw away, I admit I would like to try it...


RE adding user sounds.  They feel there is such a large database (and it is VERY large) of sounds on-board already that adding user sounds should not be needed.


RE firmware updates and sound file revisions.  These will be released with successive production runs on a progressive basis, or as a running change, so to speak.  Unfortunately, the only way know which version a decoder is would be to open the package and perform a red on CV 7 and 8.


I was advised that most of this is related to issues with security of their source materials.  


I would guess it is also a huge time burden and expense to work though the development of hardware(?) and software to do the updates and that those resources are currently dedicated to creating the WOW diesel versions and whatever else they may have in the development pipeline.  But that is pure speculation on my part.

Team Digital Accessory Decoders, Block Detection, and Signaling Products

Team Digital products provide a variety of functions for your Digital Command Control (DCC) model railroad. You can remotely control turnouts (switches), detect the presense of a train and control signals and crossing gates. 

SBS4DCC is now stocking the full Team Digital product line to offer you a great product and quick delivery at a great price.  All products should be in stock by next week.

Zimo MX618N18 Decoder

SBS4DCC has the new MX618N18 motor decoder featuring the Next18 connector on the way.  The Next18 connector is becoming more popular with small scale model manufacturers due to its size and ease of use.

The small size, excellent features, and reknowned Zimo motor control make this decoder a great solution for your Next18 applications.

Zimo MXULF Discontinued

The update module MXULF (without display), is no longer available. For many of the MXULF features a display is indispensable and selling the update module without a display is not in the customers best interest. The MXULFA (with display) is the only update module currently offered by ZIMO.

Flag Stop... 
What YOU See Is What I Have


SBS4DCC - Stock Status Information


Just a reminder that SBS4DCC features real-time inventory tracking.  If it says it is in stock... it IS...  I try to maintain a strong selection of DCC and Model Railroad products and try not to hide what I do not stock yet.  I appreciate the opportunity to provide catalog items when you can wait a few extra days as this makes a huge difference in my ability to grow and expand my selection.


Every now and then, I do run out of an item.  Backorders are accepted on many stock items and orders can still be placed for those items through the web store.


Don't see what you need?  I have a growing list of suppliers so be sure to ask about any product you need that is not listed on my site.  

SBS4DCC Products...

Finally! A small speaker that will rock your world.  


Four Sizes
Eight Baffles
Thirty Two Sweet Speaker Options



SBS4DCC Varnish Lighting 


Bring your crack passenger trains to life with the brilliance and intensity of flicker-free LED lighting at an affordable price. 



Constant Non-Directional Design


Expandable Anti-Flicker Circuit


DCC-Friendly Design 


Adjustable Brightness


Z, N and HO Scale Models Available





DCC Tools...
The ESU LokTester is a stand-alone DCC Decoder Test Station compatible with any brand of decoder or command station.

Screw Terminal
Next18 NEM661
6-Pin NEM651
8-Pin NEM652
PluX NEM658
21MTC NEM660


6 Function LEDs
5-pole Motor
20mm Speaker

The MRT Accutrak Speedometer is a free standing, battery operated scale speedometer HO and N scales.


Its design is based upon infrared beams which create a "trap" zone through which the train travels.

Accutrak Features:

Ideal for DCC speed matching DCC


Operates on 2 AAA batteries


Scale Selectable  - N or HO

Use this handy portable tool to keep your servos centered while you mount them under the layout.

The tool consists of a battery box connected to a small circuit board that continuously puts out a centering signal for the servo (1.5 ms pulse).

Keeping your servos properly centered while mounting is the key to making the servos work best.

The battery box has an on/off switch to save your batteries when not in use.

Everyone using servos for turnouts needs one of these.

Requires 3 AA batteries.


RRampMeter is now marketed by DCC Specialties!

The only inexpensive device that accurately measures DCC Volts/Amps. Also measures AC and DC Volts/Amps.

Costs less than DVMs that cannot measure DCC. 

Ver I, II, & III rated at 6 Amps and Ver IV rated at 20 Amps.

Measures true RMS Volts/Amps, +/- 2%.

Suitable for all scales.

No batteries required.

Designed for Left/Right-hand use.

PCB length 5.63"; Enclosure length 4", width 2", height 1.25"

4 Styles Available
Adjustable contacts permit direct track voltage measurements for all scales.

DCC Links...

DCC Calculators & Reference...



And don't forget I carry a fantastic selection of DCC products from all of the best manufacturers including CT ElektroniksDigitraxElectronic Solutions Ulm (ESU)Lenz,MRCNCEQSI SolutionsRoco Z21SoundtraxxTCS and Zimo.


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