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UAccess Announcement
UAccess Community Migration
What's Happening
We are transferring the UAccess Community discussion forums from their current platform (Ning) to a UA-hosted platform (Discourse). 
Ning, the company, is showing signs of distress and we fear that they may go out of business. 
In order to a) get some of the features we hoped to get with 3.0 and b ) not be caught flat-footed when/if Ning goes out of business, we are moving to a different platform, Discourse.
Why Discourse?
Discourse is a UA-based solution, meaning that it is hosted here on our servers. Discourse will give us all of the forum features we currently have with Ning, plus some significant improvements, listed below: 
  1. WebAuth integration. Users will not need to have a separate ID and password. 
  2. Better search capabilities. 
  3. Improved forum administration capabilities, including the ability to move discussions between forums. 
  4. Users no longer need to join a group to participate in discussions.  
What About All the Discussions Currently in Ning?
We will be able to import all of the history of discussions into Discourse. Brett Bendickson has been working on the mapping to ensure that we can do so. 
We are currently planning to migrate the first weekend in April. 
What About Support?
We will be providing a quick reference guide and videos to help you through the transition. Some of the vocabulary is changing (e.g. What was called a "group" will now be a "category.") and we will have a crosswalk to help you with the new vocabulary and navigation.

The Workshops and Training team will be available to answer questions and help you-and other users-with the transition.