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July/August, 2015 - Issue 21
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NEW!...UAccess Budget Discussion Group
UAccess Speaker Series Presentation on August 26th
New Access Provisioning Tool Available to Campus
Updated! Working with Dashboards
Tips & Tricks
New Star Members
Hot Topics
With the start of the new semester, are you wondering when financial aid is posted? Christine Wong fromFinancial Aid gives more info in this thread

Do you have agents that run and have more questions about them? One of our members asked why a particular person that he thought should be getting emailed was not. Steve gave more input on agents and their setup. Agents are a great tool to use for many reasons. Check out why here!


Workload Metrics

Our famous Ron Roberts asked for a nifty analysis back in January and you should see it rolling out this next week. Check out if it applies to you here!

UAccess Budget Discussion Group
Looking for the latest updates occurring in Budget?  Looking for information on tips and tricks for line management or RBC processing?  Have questions on the annual budget cycle?  Need help understanding the difference between a Budget Revision and a Budget Transfer or between State and Locally Allocated RBCs and Auxiliary or Budgeted Designated RBCs?  Bring your questions, your ideas, and best practices in managing your budgets to the new Budget Discussion Group here!

This community will be a place to ask questions about the budget system or budget reports.  It will be a place the Budget Office can communicate upcoming changes, deadlines, or improvements. The Budget Office will be monitoring this forum and responding to your inquires or insights on a daily basis.
UAccess Speaker Series Presentation on August 26th: Intro to Budget & Budget Updates
Do you deal with your department's budgets? Are you interested in learning more about departmental budget processes? We will discuss basics of security access, tools available in UAccess Budget, transaction processing, and reports in UAccess Analytics. We will also provide updates on what is new in the Budget world and what to expect in the coming months.
Garth Perry will be presenting at the August UAccess Speaker Series session to talk about the basics of Budget as well as introduce some new budget resources.
New Access Provisioning Tool Available to Campus
The new Access Provisioning Tool (APT) is available to campus!  Please share this news with staff in your area who commonly request access to UAccess systems.
For information about the APT (such as the resources below), go to:
*  New APT Quick Reference with general steps and screenshots
*  New APT Training Video demonstrating a request
*  Link to the Old APT will be available for 60 days
Please contact EAST if you have any questions about the tool.
Updated! Working with Dashboards: Shared Reports at a Glance
Our Analytics guru, Steve Singkofer, posted version 4.00 of the Working with Dashboards: Shared Reports at a Glance booklet on August 14th. If you don't have a copy of this latest version, or if you have some folks who are relatively new to Analytics, or if you'd like a bit of a refresher on working with dashboards, please feel free to download a copy of the newest version of this booklet. 

Download the booklet here
Need help in UAccess Analytics?

When you have questions about Analytics and would like some one-on-one help, sign up for Analytics Office Hours.You can enroll through UAccess Learning by following this link and clicking on Enroll.

Feel free to register for one, two, or three consecutive sessions. Steve looks forward to seeing you there!
Tips & Tricks
This month's tip comes from this week's Analytics Recap


In one of the posts from last week, UAIR team member Ned pointed out the right-click menu on dashboards, and how functional it can be. Are you aware of the things you can do with that right-click menu? Read more about what you can do here



Add your tips and tricks to any discussion group or on the Tips & Tricks threads and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!


New Star Members
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Presenter Icons
We do not have any star members this month but check back next month to see who our new stars are! You can be a star by answering multiple community questions or engaging in conversations in the discussion forms. 

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.