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UAccess Speaker Series presentation on February 25th
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Brett asked a great question that many people have gone back to view! He needed to determine when an employee started their current position and was trying to use UAccess Analytics to get an answer. Check it out here
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Linda Heffernan
UAccess Newsletter
February, 2015 - Issue 18

UAccess Speaker Series presentation on February 25th - TOMORROW!

Many of us have a basic understanding of how documents route in UAccess Financials. But most of us are not prepared for the occasional need to have routing changed. For example, what happens when your department approver isn't available, or if they've transferred to another department, or left the UA completely?


In this month's UAccess Speaker Series Mary Durham from Eller College examines these and other cases studies to help you get a better handle on your routing issues in UAccess Financials.

If you can't attend in person, don't worry! You can view here


Don't delay, register today!

UAccess Symposium

The schedule for the upcoming 2015 UAccess Symposium has been set. You can see the schedule on the Symposium page on the Community. Registration will be opening next week, so take a look to see what might be of interest to you, then get ready to register. If you're not able to attend all of the presentations you'd like, don't worry. We'll be recording them so they'll be available to you later on for viewing or reviewing.

New! Outlook 2013 Workshops

The UITS Workshops & Training Team has updated some of our most popular workshops, the Microsoft Outlook 2013 for Windows collection! Our hands-on classes Advanced Topics and Calendaring are now taught in the shiny new Outlook 2013 with all the bells and whistles that come with it. We've also added Resources self-paced classes for Outlook 2013 and for the new version of the Outlook Web Application (OWA) that just launched on campus. If you're still on Outlook 2010 or using Outlook 2011 for Mac, we have resource pages for those too.


Register today to learn some great tips and tricks for making your email and calendaring client work for you!

Poster Presentations Needed

We have a good number of posters being put together for the UAccess Symposium, but we'll gladly accept a few more! Have you perfected a process that has saved your college or department time, money, effort, and heartache? Would you like to share that process?


You should put together a static presentation - a poster - of that process and make the information available to your colleagues at the Symposium! Simply contact the Symposium team. We'll be in touch to provide any information you might need.

Staff Advisory Council

2015 Crossroads Conference - Workshop #1 
What's that Charge?

Do you ever have questions about what you see in financials?

What makes up the "Accounting Line"?

What does Origin Code mean?

What does Reference Origin Code mean?

Why is there "To" and "From"? Can't we just see Debits and Credits?

What does "BRS Accounting Feed" mean?

Where can I find out the student information associated with  the BRS Accounting Feed?

Who is my "Fund Accountant and how do I find out who that is?

Why can't I click on the document number? There's no link?

My customer says they sent the funds electronically, how do I claim them? Where can I find more details?

What type of document should I use?

 IB? SB? GEC? DI and who should I contact to find the back-up for IB's, SB's and more?

What can the Financial Services Office help me with?

 Who Do I contact for PO's, DV, Travel, Pcards, International expenses?



If you are curious and confused about all of the above - we want to clarify and explain!


Janet Gurton, FSO Senior Accountant and Elvira Fike, FSO Senior Fund Accountant will shed the light on all the above.


Save the Date!
The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council is excited to announce

 2015 Crossroads Conference

 * Wednesday, May 20, 2015 *

Omni Tucson National Resort

Tips & Tricks
This month, we don't have any tips or tricks. Sad panda. 

If you'd like to add your tips and tricks to any discussion group, go to the Tips & Tricks threads and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!
New Star Members
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Presenter Icons
Linda Heffernan earned her bronze this month! Thank you for asking some great questions this last month. They generated so much discussion. Those are the questions we love to see in the community!

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.