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Get Them Hired Correctly the First Time
Upcoming UAccess Financials Workshops
Where Did My Document Go? Routing Dilemmas and How Real People Have Solved Them
UAccess Learning New Feature
UAccess Community Document Library
Call for Poster Presentations!
Outlook 2013 Workshops
Staff Advisory Council
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Employee job history now shows old title description and PCN prior to changes. Before this fix, job history did not show new job history when making a change to an Employee. Abbie informed us of the long anticipated change this morning. Read about it here

Back in December, Ashley asked if the Supervisor Namedata column could be added to the reports on the Business Manager Home Page > Home dashboard. Check out this thread for more info. 
UAccess Newsletter
January 2015 - Issue 17

Get Them Hired Correctly the First Time

Are you responsible for submitting hiring requests in UAccess Employee? Have you been to training? Do you still have questions about the process?


We have posted two classes in February to help you out. This will be your last chance for Instructor-led training on this topic until the end of the Fiscal year. Enroll now to make sure you get a seat.  

New Hire Request Non-Student*

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 2:00 to 4:30


New Hire Request Student & Graduate*

Wednesday, February 11, 2015 - 9:30 AM  to 12:00 PM


*If you see an error when clicking on the link, please come back and click on it again. This is a known issue that we are working on.

Upcoming UAccess Financials Workshops

We have several workshops for UAccess Financials scheduled in the next few weeks and there are seats available in all of them.


Grab your seat now as we only offer these every other month!


UAccess Financials: Introduction

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 9:00 AM  to 12:30 PM


UAccess Financials: Arizona BuyWays and Requisitions

Tuesday, February 3, 2015 - 2:00 to 3:30 


UAccess Financials: Month End Account Reconciliation

Wednesday, January 28, 2015 - 1:00 to 4:00


UAccess Financials: Travel Advances & Reimbursements

Wednesday, February 4, 2015 - 9:00 AM  to 12:30 PM


*If you see an error when clicking on the link, please come back and click on it again. This is a known issue that we are working on. 

Where Did My Document Go?

Routing Dilemmas and How Real People Have Solved Them

Why isn't your document approved? What happens when your department approver isn't available, or if they've transferred to another department, or left the UA completely? And why don't your Disbursement Vouchers route to the Fiscal Officer or their delegate? 


Mary Durham from Eller College will examine these and other cases studies to help you get a better handle on your routing issues in UAccess Financials.


Sign up today!

UAccess Learning New Feature

On Friday, a new feature will be available for managers in UAccess Learning: the ability to enroll/register your direct and indirect reports in multiple training items at once.


Take a look at this post for details on how to use this new feature. 

UAccess Community Document Library

The onboarding process just got easier at UITS!


A series of new internal webpages is now available for both new hires and current staff. We have added links to these resources in the document library in the Uaccess Community.


Thanks to Monica Tacconi, Lisa Stage and many other employees at UITS for creating this resource.

Call for Poster Presentations!

Seeking Poster Presentations for the 3rd Annual UAccess Symposium


If you have an idea for a poster presentation about one or more of the UAccess systems, please contact the Symposium team at and we'll be in touch to help you through the process.


You can also visit the UAccess Symposium web page and fill out the simple form for poster presentations.

Outlook 2013 Workshops

The UITS Workshops & Training Team has updated our Outlook offerings for Outlook 2013. Our hands-on classes Advanced Topics and Calendaring are now taught in 2013. We've also added Resources self-paced classes for Outlook 2013 and for the new version of the Outlook Web Application (OWA) that will be coming to campus soon. If you're still on Outlook 2010 or using Outlook 2011 for Mac, we have resource pages for those too.


Register today to learn some great tips and tricks for making your email client work for you!

Staff Advisory Council


2015 Crossroads Conference - Workshop #1 
What's that Charge?

Do you ever have questions about what you see in financials?

What makes up the "Accounting Line"?

What does Origin Code mean?

What does Reference Origin Code mean?

Why is there "To" and "From"? Can't we just see Debits and Credits?

What does "BRS Accounting Feed" mean?

Where can I find out the student information associated with  the BRS Accounting Feed?

Who is my "Fund Accountant and how do I find out who that is?

Why can't I click on the document number? There's no link?

My customer says they sent the funds electronically, how do I claim them? Where can I find more details?

What type of document should I use?

 IB? SB? GEC? DI and who should I contact to find the back-up for IB's, SB's and more?

What can the Financial Services Office help me with?

 Who Do I contact for PO's, DV, Travel, Pcards, International expenses?



If you are curious and confused about all of the above - we want to clarify and explain!


Janet Gurton, FSO Senior Accountant and Elvira Fike, FSO Senior Fund Accountant will shed the light on all the above.


Save the Date!
The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council is excited to announce

 2015 Crossroads Conference

 * Wednesday, May 20, 2015 *

Omni Tucson National Resort