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UAccess Speaker Series presentation on January 13th
Redesigned Campus Directory and Phonebook Coming Soon
UAccess Error Update
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Wendolin asked a great question on how she can see a single day's payroll cost for the current and past fiscal year. The question sparked many responses. Check them out here

Marlene asked a great question that sparked a lot of discussion and views. She asked why Employee History doesn't show the old title and pcn prior to a change. If you've come across this too, follow this thread.

New Star Members

Eddie Carateceha
UAccess Newsletter
November, 2014 - Issue 16

UAccess Speaker Series presentation on January 13th

Do you have transactions that need to be corrected using the General Error Correction (GEC) found in UAccess Financials? Need some help filling out those GECs? Would you like to have a chart you can reference for a variety of issues? Then you're in luck.

Lynda Silvain and Fred Pearson from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences have created a reference chart with this very purpose in mind. During this presentation they will use their reference chart to guide you through making different kinds of corrections using the GEC.


Don't delay, register today! 

Redesigned Campus Directory and Phonebook Coming Soon

On Thursday evening, November 20, UITS will be launching a redesigned Campus Directory with new UA branding. An enhanced version of the campus directory will be available on Friday morning at


The phonebook, which is the most heavily used part of the directory, will feature:

  • more precise search capabilities
  • full listings of employee affiliations (multiple titles, joint     appointments, etc.)
  • preferred names, which are different from an individual's legal name. (Preferred names can be updated through UAccess and will be reflected in the phonebook.)

Faculty, staff and students can find out how to update their phonebook listing by visiting the "Phonebook Help" section of the new directory.


No down time or interruption in service is anticipated. If you have a suggestion, concern or other feedback, share it by clicking on the blue "Feedback" button on the right-hand side of the directory page.


Any technical issues encountered should be directed to the 24/7 IT Support Center at 626-TECH (8324). 

UAccess Error Update

This past August, many users on campus experienced performance issues within our enterprise application systems; most notably UAccess Financials. UITS was able to track down the underlying cause of these errors and put a fix in place which has resolved the issues. Thank you to everyone who shared your examples and provided feedback.

Staff Advisory Council

2015 Crossroads Conference - Workshop #1 
What's that Charge?

Do you ever have questions about what you see in financials?

What makes up the "Accounting Line"?

What does Origin Code mean?

What does Reference Origin Code mean?

Why is there "To" and "From"? Can't we just see Debits and Credits?

What does "BRS Accounting Feed" mean?

Where can I find out the student information associated with  the BRS Accounting Feed?

Who is my "Fund Accountant and how do I find out who that is?

Why can't I click on the document number? There's no link?

My customer says they sent the funds electronically, how do I claim them? Where can I find more details?

What type of document should I use?

 IB? SB? GEC? DI and who should I contact to find the back-up for IB's, SB's and more?

What can the Financial Services Office help me with?

 Who Do I contact for PO's, DV, Travel, Pcards, International expenses?



If you are curious and confused about all of the above - we want to clarify and explain!


Janet Gurton, FSO Senior Accountant and Elvira Fike, FSO Senior Fund Accountant will shed the light on all the above.


Save the Date!
The University of Arizona Staff Advisory Council is excited to announce

 2015 Crossroads Conference

 * Wednesday, May 20, 2015 *

Omni Tucson National Resort

Tips & Tricks
This month, we have two Tips & Tricks to share with you! 

Kim asked a great question that she said had been bothering her for a long time. She asked and immediately got answers! She was frustrated that she could only have one UAccess Employee window open at a time. Many people commented with their tips and tricks. Check it out here.

Our second tip comes from Steve's weekly recap. Star Club Member Maria was having trouble while she was editing an agent. She was trying to follow a specific procedure, but Analytics kept popping up a screen asking if she wanted to stay on the screen or leave the screen. You may be familiar with that pop up message. The odd thing was, she wasn't trying to leave the screen. She was trying to add a user to the agent. If you've encountered this issue before, check out this discussion to find out how to get past that pop up. 

Add your tips and tricks to any discussion group or on the Tips & Tricks threads and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!
New Star Members
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Presenter Icons
Eddie Carateceha earned his bronze star this month! Eddie has been very active in the community lately. Not only has he been answering people's questions, but he's also asking great questions. Thank you, Eddie!

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.