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UAccess Learning is Live!
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Do you need to know the sick, vacation, or comp time that someone in your department has? Check out this thread to read how. 
Do you ever need a list of students that don't want their information released? There's an easy way to get that information! Check 
this thread for more info.
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Laura Menke
UAccess Newsletter
September, 2014 - Issue 14

UAccess Learning is Live!

UAccess Learning is live! And if you want to stay up-to-date, join the UAccess Learning discussion group on the UAccess Community. It's the best place to ask questions as you learn the new system, plus it's where we will post updates on what training has been added, what additional enhancements are coming, and Tips & Tricks. We look forward to seeing you there! 


And--if you manage training for your department but haven't yet requested access as a training coordinator, what's keeping you? Visit the UAccess Learning resources page for links to request access and to enroll in the UAccess Learning: Training Coordination class, plus other resources.  

Report your UAccess Errors

Over the past few weeks, users have reported intermittent issues within our enterprise application systems; most notably UAccess Financials. Issues have included timeout errors, page load errors and general slowness/page spinning.


To assist UITS track down the underlying cause of these errors, we are requesting specific examples from users. If you are experiencing any issues and would be willing to take a moment to share them with us, we would appreciate your help.


Please use the appropriate links below to submit your information. 


UAccess Analytics

UAccess Employee

UAccess Financials

UAccess Research

UAccess Student

Tips & Tricks
This month, we have two Tips & Tricks to share with you! 

So, have you had a window disappear on you in UAccess Financials yet? We have! It's pretty cool, yet annoying when you're actually trying to see what's behind window number 3! Kim tells us all about it and shows us how to avoid it in this thread

Our second tip comes from Steve's weekly recap. Star Club member Ron had a puzzling issue with an analysis that was being delivered via agent to several different people. Some people were getting a valid report, while others were getting a screen or page full of XML coding. Have you seen this happen before? Check out why this happens and how to avoid it in the future in this thread

Add your tips and tricks to any discussion group or on the Tips & Tricks threads and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!
New Star Members
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We have two members who earned their bronze stars this month for their contributions to the community. Congrats to you both!

Laura Menke earned her bronze star this month! She asked a great question that had lots of feedback and has been doing a great job of answering other people's questions in the community. 

Mitchell Owen also earned his bronze star this month by being very active in answering people's questions. Keep it up!
You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.