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Do you have an iPhone or iPad, and have that occasional (or near-constant) need to use Analytics on that device? You're in luck, the new app is here! 

Have you ever wondered if you can disencumber a previous Travel e-doc? Allyson asked this very same question and the responses have some very valuable information in them. 
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Diane Jensen
Javier Escobar
Speaker Series this Friday,  Sept. 20th!
Mary Durham-Pflibsen from Eller College of Management will show you how to use Organizational Review in UAccess Financials to your advantage. Organizational Review allows you to create customized reviews to make the system work for you. 
Immediately after Mary's presentation, we will hold a hands-on lab session so you can apply what you just learned about Organizational Review. 


Don't delay, register today!


Employee Training Management--The Latest
Last month we told you about the Employee Training Management project that is in the works. The project is moving apace!

We have started a project website, which you can find on the Community under the Resources menu. Take a look to find out the latest! We will be updating the site with more information as the project progresses. 

For email updates, you can also add yourself to the Employee Training Management project listserv by visiting the list site and subscribing to the list. You will need to log in with your NetID.
Tips & Tricks
Do you ever need to see a list of all the accounts that belong to your department? Follow this discussion to see what steps are required to gather this information. 
Ever wonder how to add a sub-account and project code to a Transfer of Funds in UAccess Financials? This thread has a great step-by-step answer on how to do this. 
What might come as second nature to you might be something that a colleague still has questions on. You can be a hero to your coworkers by sharing your knowledge in the Tips & Tricks thread and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!
The UAccess Community is a fun and active place for anyone to find answers to their UAccess questions. Actually, this discussion is a perfect example of how quickly questions get answered. Three responses within seconds of each other and within minutes of the question being posted! 


New Star Members
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This month's Bronze award goes to...

Diane Jensen has become much more active in the community lately. She has answered people's questions in a detailed and thorough way. Your peers appreciate you taking the time to give such detail in your responses. Enjoy the pretty bronze star--you deserve it!

Javier Escobar, better known to UITS as Javi, is often jumping in to posts to help out his peers. Even though Javi works for EIA and can't earn a bronze star, we can't pass up this opportunity to thank him for all his great responses. He often jumps in to a discussion quickly and provides great information when doing so. Thanks and keep it up. 

Congrats to Diane for being this month's star member. To become a Star Member, make sure to continue to post great questions and, even better, answer your peer's questions! 

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.