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Are you hiring a new employee and having issues assigning yourself as the supervisor and/or time approver? Denise had a similar issue. Follow this thread to see the solution.
With another fiscal year end under our belts, it seems a good time to consider what went well and what still needs fine-tuning. Jump in on this thread to share your observations about this year's Year End.
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Speaker Series Tuesday, Aug 20th!
Eddie Caratachea from the School of Anthropology has developed a series of financial reports for faculty using Analytics. Analytics Agents automatically deliver the reports via email to the faculty members.


Click through on the registration link below to see what one of the Regents professors in Anthropology had to say about Eddie's work. 


Immediately after Eddie's presentation, we will hold a hands-on lab session so you can apply what you just learned about Agents. 


Employee Training Management
Ever had a new employee and wondered what training they needed to take and how to find it? Ever had to search all over to find out whether an employee had completed all their required trainings? You're not alone! But we've got a solution for you.

At the behest of President Hart, UITS and Human Resources have started implementing Enterprise Learning Management (ELM), an enterprise-level PeopleSoft system that will allow the University to manage and track employee (and student) training in a single system. 

We are still early in the implementation, so we don't have a ton of details to share with you yet. But if you want to stay up-to-date as we do have details, please drop a note to Melanie Cooley asking to be added to our distribution list for updates.  
Tips & Tricks
Wondering how to delete or withdraw a job data change in Manager Self Service? Take a look at this discussion started by Allyson McAdams to find out how.  
Our good friend Ron discovered a little issue with the Main Menu button in Financials that you might have come across as well. He shared a little trick in this discussion that will help you figure out where that little Main Menu button really went. 

What might come as second nature to you, might be something that a colleague still has questions on. You can be a hero to your coworkers by sharing your knowledge in the Tips & Tricks thread and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!


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And the Bronze award goes to...

Who let the dogs out? Just like the Rottweiler in his profile pic, Ron Roberts makes lots of noise, but he's really a big softie. Surely many of you have seen his discussion titles by now? Goofy as they may be, he hooks you into a meaningful discussion. He has also been very active in answering other's questions and for that, we give him a bronze star to go with his presenter star. Thank you, Ron! Keep it up. 

Sean Armstrong is a newish member of the UAccess Community lately. If someone ever has a UAccess Research question, he's on it! For taking the time to pick up the phone to call someone about an issue or email them personally to work out the details, we thank you. Thank you also for updating the discussion thread after the offline conversation. Besides, how can we not appreciate Sean-the-adorable-hat-wearing-ferret? 

And even though we acknowledged Nargis Memon in last month's newsletter, given our emerging animal theme, we couldn't resist adding her profile pic as well. The giraffe is just too cute to pass up.  

There you have it. Three of our Star Animals Members for the month of August. To become a Star Member, make sure to continue to post great questions and, even better, answer your peer's questions! 

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.