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Having trouble accessing Payroll data in Analytics? This thread from Suellyn Hull may have the answer. 

Lynda Silvain asked for a way to see whether a PCard transaction was reconciled or auto-approved. Find options in this thread. 
Wondering how to follow up on the status of a change you've made in Manager Self Service? Here you go.

An old thread with new info. If you use Sub-Object, Sub-Account, or Project Codes, you probably want to be able to report on them. Follow up here for more info.
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Allyson Lee McAdams
Mary Durham-Pflibsen
Nargis Memon
Speaker Series on Tuesday!
Tuesday, July 23rd, so don't delay, register today!

Pam Mendel, Brian Berellez, and Yvonne Gonzalez-Lewis from the College of Education will talk about how they use Analytics Agents to automatically let them know crucial pieces of information--and to do it when those piece of information matter most. 

They'll give examples from their business and talk about how they created the Agents for the task. 


Register today! You can attend online or in person. Just let us know when you register which you prefer.

Outlook Out of Control? 
Does your inbox need taming? Want to unlock the secrets of using Outlook to manage your workday better? 

Sign up now for the UITS Workshops & Training Team's Microsoft Outlook 2010 for Windows: Advanced Topics workshop. Register here to attend a class with trainer Ryan Straight, who is smiling at you from over to the left.

If you want to brush up on Outlook basics before you join us, you can also take a look at the resources on our Outlook for Mac and Windows resource pages.
Tips & Tricks
Ron Roberts and Ajana Lee shared a good tip on how to find the detail of Bursar Feeds in UAccess Analytics. 

Allyson Lee McAdams discovered the benefits of using Analytics to manipulate the data on a dashboard instead of having to export Excel. It's a great strategy to save time. Follow this thread to give it a try today!

And if you're looking for Effort Certification info, check out Kina Barton's pointer about a shared dashboard. Moral of the story: ask for what you need. The answer might be closer than you think!

Add your tips and tricks to any discussion group or on the Tips & Tricks threads and they might be featured in next month's newsletter!


New Star Members
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We want to introduce a couple of folks who have earned their Bronze Star this month for helping their colleagues out. 

Allyson Lee McAdams is new to the UA, but she's already jumped in and asked many great questions. What makes her a Star, though is that she's already starting to pay forward all the advice she's gotten by helping colleagues who ask questions. Nice work, Allyson!

Mary Durham-Pflibsen is showing her expertise as the Org Review go-to-gal. Not only did she present on Org Review at the Symposium (view her presentation here), but she's been answering questions on the Community--and even picked up the phone to help out someone who posted a question. Thank you, Mary!

And even though Nargis Memon is an EIA employee and ineligible for the Star Members, we want to introduce you to her. If you post Analytics questions, you've probably heard from Nargis. You might recognize her cute giraffe profile picture within the Community. Now you can put a non-giraffe face to the very helpful name. 

You can find details about the Star Members program in the Welcome Center. And if you're interested in nominating a colleague, let us know.