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Are you seeing encumbrances for cancelled Payment Requests? Then you will want to take a look at Gail Hanson's insights on Meryn's thread.

Lynda Silvain was able to track down the truth behind a rumor she had heard, thanks again to Gail Hanson. Gail's been busy this month!

Analytics My Way
Sarah Trotta wanted to match check numbers to Disbursement Vouchers. She inquired in the Analytics group and less than 24 hours later Jeff Schwarz from EIA had created the report she needed. Shazam! Moral of the story: Don't be shy about asking for what you need. 

Training Time Reporters
Visit this thread for an update from the Workshops & Training Team on what resources are available to help you train your time reporters.
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Khuyen Huynh Gahol
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Introducing the New Member Welcome Center
We've added a New Member Welcome Center, with introductions to some of the helpful people you'll see around the Community (like Denise Moynihan over there to the left), tips on how to get the most out of your membership, and a few quick links for new UA employees. 

Even if you aren't new to the Community, come on by to take a look!
Tips & Tricks
We've gotten a few great tips and tricks this month. 

Meryn Finity and Kina Barton shared a good tip on how to quickly find your information in UAccess Financials documents with lots of accounts on them--or in any browser window. (That's Kina's adorable profile pic over to the right. How could we resist?)

Kathleen Kearney asked how to identify her fund accountants without having to pick up the phone. All sorts of people chimed in with great advice. 

And Maria Marzinsky shared an excellent tip on how to quickly enter multiple values into a dashboard prompt in UAccess Analytics. It's a huge timesaver!

If you're mystified sometimes by the sort order in your Analytics reports, you should definitely check out this discussion between Gail Hanson and Steve Singkofer. There's some great info there. 

Please share your tips and tricks with your colleagues on the Tips & Tricks threads. 
UAccess Speaker Series
We're taking a break in June--rumor has it that some of you are busy with year end. But we will be back in July! 

Ashley McLaren's May presentation on Using Analytics to Help Faculty Review Financial Activity was quite popular. We recorded the session so that you can view it at your leisure. Ashley is also available by request to talk to your department about the magic she has worked with dashboards in her department. 

On July 23, Pam Mendel and her colleagues from the College of Education will be presenting on how they use Agents to manage their department workflow. Register now! And let us know whether you plan to attend in person or online.

And, if you are using Agents, make sure that you take a look at this post from Steve Singkofer. 
Star Members
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Presenter Icons
The Community functions at its best when people jump in to answer each other's questions. 

Knowing that, we wanted to develop a way to recognize those of you who take the time to help your colleagues out. So we are introducing more robust member recognition for our very helpful members! 

You can find details in the Welcome Center. We're still getting it started--and we aren't going to catch everyone who deserves recognition--so if you're interested in seeing whether you qualify or nominating a colleague, let us know!

In the meantime, take a look at the left column to meet some of our star members! You'll know them in the Community by the stars on their profile pictures--and by how helpful they are in the discussions.