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Progress Report
January 21, 2016

Last week, over 200 faculty and staff attended the Animal Care & Use Program Town Hall, hosted by Jack Hu, Ph.D., U-M Vice President for Research, and the strategic team tasked with transforming our animal research program.

At the meeting, Dr. Hu detailed the steps the University - both leadership and colleagues on the front lines - are taking to not only address the issues raised by AAALAC, but holistic solutions to achieve ongoing, sustained excellence in the program.

Dr. Hu outlined a future state for the Animal Care & Use Program that features...
  • Simplified, centralized program structure with the ability to self-regulate and self-correct
  • Fully engaged and empowered IACUC with oversight intensity
  • Integrated system of policies, procedures, standards, organizational structure, staffing, facilities, and practices
  • Best-in-class education and training resources
  • Engaged research community
And importantly, Dr. Hu stressed how faculty and staff can be a part of the solution, with the entire U-M research community coming together to recognize the current challenges, engage with the planned changes and improvements, and renew attention to the requirements that accompany the privilege of using animals in research.

"We can't look backward. We must make these changes and get on the right path," noted Joan Greve, Ph.D. (pictured left), after the meeting. "We owe it to the animals in our care, and to the patients our research will ultimately impact."

If you would like to see slides from the Town Hall that outline the strategic plan for our path forward, please contact

Latest Animal Care & Use Program activities...

Dr. Hu and the ACU Program team have been working in close collaboration with University leadership on the upcoming presentation to the AAALAC Council next week.  Additionally, they submitted a final strategic plan to the Provost, the EVPMA, and other senior leaders, which was endorsed.

An IACUC subcommittee will be focusing on assessing and developing training for the IACUC, as well as training and continuing education needs for faculty and staff involved in the care and use of research animals.

Welcome Mayra Tello, Andrea Notebaert, and DeAndre Fordham! As part of the plan to add staff capacity, three new animal husbandry positions have been filled.  They join the other two new husbandry technicians recently hired - Caroline Foster and Anthony Brechtelsbauer.

ULAM faculty will host facility user meetings in February to offer more details on the recent changes in requirements for aseptic surgical practices, surgical record retention, and analgesic requirements for animals undergoing recovery surgical procedures. Affected faculty and staff will receive an email invitation from their ULAM veterinarian, or you can CLICK HERE to RSVP.  Questions? Contact

Remember that ULAM training classes will transition to the new version of MLearning on February 1, and will be inaccessible during the migration January 22-January 31.  Questions about the transition? Contact the ULAM Training Core at 763-8039 or

Print copies of the latest edition of the NAS "Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals" have been ordered, and will be distributed by the ACU Office to all PIs involved in animal research via campus mail.

For more information about the Animal Care & Use Program at the University of Michigan,  CLICK HERE.
Our mission in the Animal Care & Use Office is to support the Institutional Care & Use of Animals Committee, fostering sustained excellence in animal care and use in scientific research and education, and promoting the philosophy that the highest animal welfare standards are necessary for impactful science.