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July 31st, 2015


Clinical Research Billing
CRAO and Revenue Cycle Research Billing (RCRB) work to resolve research billing discrepancies
Research Associations and the Impact on Research Billing:

The June 2014 EPIC release included an update that allows the Research Medical Record Number (RMRN) to be associated with appointments, visits, and orders.  

The upgrade was installed and adversely impacted the Revenue Cycle Research Billing (RCRB) workflow.

Charges are not adjudicating correctly and our research partners may have noticed an increase in research billing discrepancies.  

The most common occurrences are the research discount not being applied and Standard of Care (SOC) items and services routing to the RMRN.

What are we doing?

Revenue Cycle is implementing an additional Work Queue to capture items and services that have a Research Association and RCRB will route the charge according to the Billing Calendar. This should be complete by mid-August. Currently, we are making corrections as reported by Study Teams and running a special report to capture the routing errors.

We appreciate your support and patience as we work to create an error free work flow.


Analyst News
Research Space 

Just a reminder about how Research Space is defined;

Dedicated research space is "space that is not being used for clinical purposes, and not using clinic resources or staff". When visits / other services are performed in dedicated research space, there is no facility (HC) charge generated because there should be no activity in MiChart for these items or services.

HC activity performed in research-dedicated space should be non-billable because by using the SNB designation, you are confirming that no charge will be generated in MiChart for that activity at that specific time point. Similarly for the professional component (PC) : when visits / other services are performed by study staff and their activities are supported by budgeted effort from the sponsor, a designation of SNB should be used for PC activity.

Of Note
Fond Farewell
We wish Wendi Schumacher the best both professionally and personally as she moves into her new position in the Hematology Oncology Department. Her work ethic and dedication has been appreciated by the CRAO team and she will be missed. Congratulations!

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