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October 1, 2013
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New Pricing Tool in MBECT

This is a reminder that the Clinical Research Pricing Tool will no longer be available effective October 1st. We will send a final warning before the tool becomes unavailable. There are several advantages to doing this work in MBECT, including:

  • MBECT's offering of extensive financial options to perform budgeting and feasibility analyses.
  • Pricing searches developed in MBECT can be used to create a billing calendar, minimizing later work necessary for IRB submission.

If you require access to the MBECT Research Pricing Tool, please contact the help desk at or call (734) 764-5669. Please refer to our website for additional information about MBECT .

Clinical Research Billing and Coding
Effective January 1, 2014, it will be mandatory to report a clinical trial number on claims for items and services provided in clinical trials that are qualified for coverage.  The number will assist the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) in informing beneficiaries about the availability of clinical trials and to use claims information to inform coverage decisions. The clinical trial number to be reported is the same number that has been reported voluntarily since January 18, 2008. The number is assigned by the National Library of Medicine (NLM). To apply for your clinical trial number please go to
There will be a new addition to the left side of your eResearch application and may only be entered on the parent study. Do not add this to Amendments.  
Great News for Easier Account Reconciliation

If your current Research role in MiChart is Data Manager/Research Administrator, Basic Study Coordinator or Limited Study Coordinator, you can now see more detailed information about research charges. This additional access makes it easier and faster to reconcile the charges to your Research study account.   Use the Research Study Maintenance activity in MiChart to access the Transition History activity.   From Transition History select the blue hyperlink to view the detailed list of billing activities.

 See the MiChart website for a Research tip sheet on this topic.

MBECT Announcement 

 eThority will be on site the week of October 28.  Here are the main topics up for discussion:

  • User feedback about existing functionality: What works? What is confusing? What needs improvement? 
  • Financials: Overviews for people who don't know what these modules can do.  We can help to develop workflows to implement the financials in your department.
  • Demos on new features that will be coming down the road

Please take our survey so we may better know what you would like to discuss.

Office of Research
The Clinical Research Calendar Review & Analysis Office is part of the Office of Research, where our mission is to foster an environment of innovation and efficiency that serves the U-M Medical School community and supports biomedical science from insight to impact.