Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 18 May 2013
While conducting firsthand research at mosques and Islamic centers in the NY area I came across this 70 page manual being provided to Muslims across America.  I purchased numerous copies and I believe it is one of the best pieces of evidence you can show your local politicians, law enforcement, media, and fellow Patriots what true Islam is all about. True Islam has nothing to do with integrating into our beautiful country. Dave Gaubatz
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FBI Manual

An Example of Islamic DVD's Found in Islamic Centers/Mosques in America.  The next time one of our politicians wants to know what motivates Muslims to commit terrorist acts in America show them one of these.  I have a limited supply so get your copy soon. 
Ahmad Sakr DVD
Sakr travels the U.S. teaching young Muslim children to not follow the laws of the U.S. This is a must for anyone wanting to understand what Muslim children are taught about Sharia law in America. They are taught not to trust the U.S. government and our law enforcement officers.
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Imam Siraj Wahhaj DVD
Imam Siraj Wahhaj has been described by Dave Gaubatz as the most dangerous Islamic leader in America.  This is a great DVD to explain how Islamic leaders do not want to align themselves with the U.S. Constitution, they want their worshipers to do everything opposite from non Muslims.
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Reforming America DVD
The title on this one says it all.  This DVD clearly shows the true strategies of organizations like CAIR.  Islamic leaders do not want America as it is. They desire America to be under Islamic Sharia law.
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Hot Tip For the IRS: Key search words in a non profit organization whose intent is to overthrow our country via treason, sedition, and supporting Islamic based terrorist acts against America are:

Nihad Awad
Dougie Hooper
Siraj Wahhaj
Ahmad Sakr
These are just a few,,,Dave G.
Dave Gaubatz