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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 11 May 2013
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"The 39 Principles of Holy War"

By: Dave Gaubatz


Do Americans citizens (to include Law Enforcement) understand the 39 Principles of Holy War?


In 2003, an Israeli researcher (Col. Jonathan D. Halevi) found an Al-Qaeda terror manual while searching Islamic and Arabic Websites titled "The 39 Principles of Holy War".


This very important discovery by Halevic was reported in the Israeli News Agency on 4 Sept. 2003.  One would opine every news organization in the free world would report on this find.  It would be further assumed all law enforcement departments in America would have a copy of the terror manual.  Why? Because the 39 Principles of Holy War not only give citizens clues to who may or may not be a terrorist, but they provide law enforcement officers a better tool when searching suspected terrorists homes or businesses. 


Preparing and urging the mind for Jihad-Every Muslim must obey the call for Jihad against the infidels out of sheer belief and intention.  The 39 Principles are:

  1. Since desire to obtain martyrdom - Al Salem, basing his arguments on Sheik Abdallah Azzam (the spiritual leader of Osama Bin Laden, killed in Afghanistan in 1989), emphasizes the importance of the sincere endeavor in order to attain martyrdom from Allah. The believer can perform the commandment concerning the "preparation to the battle" (I'dad Al-'oda) and gain a reward from Allah equivalent to the Saheed's reward (72 virgins and secure a close place near the Divine presence in Heaven) even though he may die from natural causes.
  2. Taking part in the Jihad - Every Muslim has to take an active role in holy war against the infidels, prepared to self sacrifice for the sake of Allah. Participation in Jihad is the most distinguished action in the eyes of Allah.
  3. Financing Jihad - Muslims can take part in the Jihad by making donations dedicated to the Jihad and the Mujahideen. The donation's value is determined by its quality and destination and not by the sum total which is donated.
  4. Supplying the fighter's needs - A believer who is unable to take part in the Jihad (for instance women and handicapped) can perform his duty by supplying the Mujahideens needs in money and equipment. By doing so the donator is considered Mujahid and deserves the same reward.
  5. Taking care of the Mujahid's family - A believer who supplies a Mujahid's family needs is considered Mujahid and deserves half of his reward. If one neglects this act it may bring him misfortune and death by the hands of God.
  6. Assisting the fallens families - by supplying the special needs of the orphans and widows.
  7. Assisting the families of prisoners and wounded fighters - by supplying their necessities.
  8. Fund raising for the Mujahideen - money is the lifeline of the Jihad. Its importance also stems from gathering donations which would arouse the spirit of Jihad and the believer's hearts. There are many ways of carrying out this duty: in mosques, public places, family gatherings, charity events, and monthly donation or by urging the wealthy to open their hands to the Mujahideen.
  9. Granting charity donations to the Mujahideens - who enjoy priority status in Islam.
  10. Financing medical treatment for wounded Mujahideen.
  11. Praising the Mujahideen and their deeds - It is essential to educate the Islamic Nation on their values and to see them as a role model.
  12. Encouraging the Mujahideen to stick to their ways - in order to strengthen their spirit and moral.
  13. Protecting the Mujahideen -avoid publishing any information that may
    place them in jeopardy or spoil the spirit of Jihad. Al-Salem warns his
    readers from the Arabic daily Al-Sharq Al-Awsat (Saudi orientated, published in London) which conducts the "crusader - Jewish scheme" against Islam by publishing false information designed to destroy the steadfastness of the Islamic Nation and the Mujahideens' spirit.
  14.  Publicizing the disgrace of hypocrites and defeatists - who strive to
    weaken the Islamic Nation.
  15. Preaching to Jihad - Enormous reward is promised to every Muslim who
    serves as a catalyst for other believers to commit the duty of the Jihad.
  16. Providing strategic advice to the Mujahideen - This can be translated in
    many ways including the supply of essential information on the enemy and his plans in order to be well prepared.
  17. Keeping secrecy concerning the Mujahideen.
  18. Prayers to Allah for the sake of the Mujahideen and for the defeat of
    the enemies.
  19.  Holding special prayer to avoid misfortune and to strengthen the Muslim
  20. Publishing the Mujahideens' activities in order to arouse the notion of
    solidarity and strengthen pride and hope among the believers, to praise the
    ideal of self-sacrifice for the sake of Allah and to break the media siege
    imposed by the enemy. There are varied ways recommended for distributing
    information praising Jihad including Internet websites and forums,
    distribution lists, circulating publications in public places (for instance
    mosques, schools), sending SMS, etc.
  21. Participating in publishing process of books on the Mujahideen.
  22. Publishing Islamic laws supporting the Jihad - This mission falls on the
    shoulders of the Muslim scholars who have the duty to guide the Islamic
    Nation in the light of the Jihad and to call believers to join the
    Mujahideen and pray on their behalf. Their followers are demanded to urge
    the scholars to act. In this context, Al-Salem glorifies the role of Sheik
    Hamoud Al-Oqala Al-Shu'aybi (radical Saudi scholar, deceased 2 years ago,
    backed the Taliban regime and al-Qaeda) as an adorable scholar who thrived
    to strengthen the Jihadi organizations worldwide by publishing Islamic laws
    justifying terror suicide attacks and holy war against the infidels.
  23. Keeping steady, consistent contact with scholars and preachers in order
    to update them about the current happenings in connection with the
    Mujahideen. The believer is asked to assist Islamic scholars who on certain
    occasion are under government pressure or influenced by false information.
    He has to update them regularly with reliable information, to support them
    and urge them to persist with the call to Jihad.
  24. Physical practicing - A Muslim who designates himself to become a
    Mujaheed has to start gradually by improving his physical fitness. Al-Salem
    elaborates in his book a recommended practicing program which includes
    enhancing the endurance of both the heart and lungs, increasing muscle mass
    and strength.
  25. Acquiring shooting skills - Al-Salem calls on Muslims not to be
    satisfied solely with the tuition of Jihad but to prepare in performing in
    this duty by acquiring shooting skills.
  26. Practicing swimming and riding horses - riding horses, explains Al-Salem
    is still relevant in the battlefields of Afghanistan, Chechnya and Iraq.
  27. Learning first aid skills - to help wounded Mujahudeen (splicing broken
    bones, providing infusions, etc.).
  28. Learning the doctrine of Jihad - Al-Salem recommends dozens of books,
    articles and Islamic laws published in recent years by Muslim radical
    leaders and scholars most of them Saudis by origin (Osama Bin Laden, Hamoud
    Al-Oqala Al-Shuaibi, Abd Aziz Jarbou', Yusouf Al-'ayyiri, Naser Al-Fahed,
    Ali Al-Khudier, Suliman Al-Olwan and more). One of them is the Al-Khudier's
    Islamic law which justifies the use of weapons of mass destruction against
    the U.S.
  29. Supplying refuge and shelter to the Mujahideen.
  30. Expressing hostility and hatred toward infidels - A call for
    reconciliation or co-existence with the infidels might weaken the
    Mujahudeen. One may call for a Hudna, but to place it in practice is
  31. Constant action to achieve the release of all prisoners - held in enemy
    jails and to use all means for their escape or release.
  32. Distributing current information on the prisoners in order to keep their
    high moral.
  33. Performing electronic Jihad - Al-Salem attributes paramount importance
    to the Internet as a component for Jihad. He calls believers to join the
    Jihad by participating in Internet forums to defend the Islam and
    Mujahideen, to preach Jihad and to encourage Muslims to learn more about
    this sacred duty. The Internet provides an opportunity to reach vast, target
    audiences and respond swiftly to false allegations. Computer experts are
    asked to use their skills and experience in destroying American, Jewish and
    secular websites as well as morally corrupt web sites.
  34. Alienation of infidels - Believers in other religions have to be
    isolated from Muslim communities so they will be prevented from committing hostile actions.
  35. Educating the younger generation to adore Jihad and the Mujahideen - The
    children, asserts Al-Salem are the "fuel" of the next stage of confrontation
    with the infidels. Parents have the duty to educate them to adore Jihad and
    the Mujahideen and to prepare themselves mentally for self-sacrifice for the
    sake of Allah. Al-Salem recommends believers to tell their young stories
    about the life of Prophet Mohammad, his associates, the great Muslim
    conquerors and the Mujahideen in our time. In addition it is recommended to
    display to the children Jihadi films and taped preaches which praise
  36. Abandoning the luxuries of materialism - which might weaken the spirit
    of Jihad.
  37. Boycotting enemy's commodities - as part of the economic Jihad.
  38. Avoiding the employment of foreign workers - from enemy countries.


Law Enforcement and all other American citizens must take notice of the messages being provided by Al Qaeda and other such groups.  They are openly sharing with us their battle plan, but few are taking advantage of this pot of gold.


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