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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 29 Apr 2013
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Foreign Military from Islamic Countries Disappear from our U.S. Military Bases

"Islamic Sleeper Cells are Generated"

29 Apr 2013

By: Dave Gaubatz 


This article could be a book, but I will give a brief summary.  In the U.S. our military bases have programs to bring citizens/scientists from Islamic based countries to the U.S. to train them on many of our weapons systems and some of our most highly guarded technology systems.  The U.S. military also bring foreign military personnel from Islamic controlled countries to train on our aircraft, to include how to fly the various U.S. military aircraft. Many of these foreigners disappear into the underground 'Islamic Sleeper Cells' throughout America. This must stop.  Kirtland AFB, NM, Wright Patterson AFB, Oh. and Lackland AFB, Tx. are three of the top offenders. 


Intelligence that would not be provided to the American public is freely provided to foreign nationals from Islamic based countries that support terrorism against us.  In addition thousands of foreigners from Islamic based countries are trained at our military bases about aircraft systems and how to fly them.  Lackland AFB, Texas is one of our prime offenders in this category.  When I was a Special Agent for the Air Force Office of Special Investigations we continuously had open cases on foreign citizens who suddenly left our installations and disappeared into unknown areas of America. I have written previously about 'sleeper cells'. These are some of the people who go underground into sleeper cells. They are trained military personnel who have a working knowledge of English and have been trained on our weapons systems.  Immediately after the attack on 9-11, other Agents and myself were given orders to attempt to track these 'lost' foreigners down.  It was an impossible hunt. There was a major concern some of the 9-11 Islamic hijackers had even trained in our military flight schools.


Our intelligence officers and law enforcement could help prevent another attack if they tracked down the missing military foreign nationals who have disappeared from our bases.  The U.S. military does not like to report to the public or our political leaders the disappearances of foreign nationals under their control.  I encourage readers to contact the 'Foreign National Office' (specifically the Air Force Research Laboratory/ (AFRL/DE) and ask how many foreign scientists are working alongside our most prized U.S. scientists. Then contact the Foreign National Representative that handles the foreign military students (from Islamic countries) and ask them how many foreign students are missing from their installations.  Again I stress these are where the Islamic sleeper cells generate from.



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"Our law enforcement are not trained to protect America from Islamic based terrorist groups. They are trained to be reactive and wait for an attack and then rush to the scene in their nice looking SWAT gear. Sorry officers but Americans demand you become educated in the Islamic ideology or please step aside and allow competent Americans protect our children and country.  We no longer want to watch LE rush to a terrorist attack and then talk to the media as you have the terrorist situation under control. When you respond you have failed". Dave Gaubatz
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"Islamic based countries are not the friends of America. Their words, not mine" Dave Gaubatz
These two young ladies are my researchers.  This is how you gain intel on Islamic based terrorist groups.  You do exactly the way Islamic terrorists do it, from the inside out. Dave Gaubatz
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