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Dave Gaubatz Educational Newsletter 17 Apr 2013
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Muslim Advocates Inform Fellow Muslims Not to Speak with and Assist Law Enforcement
17 Apr 2013
By: Dave Gaubatz

There are more acronyms for Islamic organizations in America than there are for U.S Government organizations. I encourage people to not try and remember them all. As Obama is the leader of U.S. Government acronyms and the Muslim Brotherhood's number one supporter, Nihad Awad is the Muslim Brotherhood leader of Islamic based terrorist acronyms operating inside America. Previously one of the Islamic organizations (Muslim Advocates Muslim Advocates Site:) with close ties to CAIR and ISNA distributed an article to Muslims living in America. As readers can see for themselves Islamic organizations do not want Muslims to speak with law enforcement concerning other Muslims, themselves, or anything Islamic.  Now that doesn't mean Islamic organizations aren't constantly coordinating with our law enforcement officers. The key is they run to them faster than Dale Earnhardt can go around a track, but it is only to report suspicious (false and highly exaggerated) activities of infidels and U.S. companies.  The sad thing is our boys and girls in blue (sometimes black, red, green...) trot as fast as they can to the CAIR, ISNA, Muslim Advocates, Mana, offices to speak with the kings of deception.  Ask yourself this question.  Do you believe the Islamic acronyms likely are aware of at least some Muslims who are involved in criminal acts (to include themselves such as Nihad Awad)? Do they report there concerns to law enforcement. Nope.  If you want to conduct a test call some of the federal, state, and local officers and see if they have ever had any reports from Muslims of suspicious terrorists acts being committed by another Muslim.  

'An Article by the 'Muslim Advocate Organization'
Seek Legal Advice Before Talking to FBI
The FBI is contacting Pakistani, South-Asian and other Muslim Americans to solicit information and advice about addressing violent extremism.   
Muslim Advocates strongly urges individuals not to speak with law enforcement officials without the presence or advice of an attorney.
You may think...
"I've done nothing wrong.  I've got nothing to hide.  I want to help law enforcement."
You should know...
Seeking the advice of counsel before you talk to law enforcement is the smart thing to do.

Speaking to law enforcement without an attorney present or advice of counsel--however well-intentioned--places you and your family at great risk of criminal prosecution or adverse immigration consequences (including deportation).  (In fact, in at least one recent case, individuals were arrested and jailed on charges--such as alleged immigration violations--completely unrelated to cases agents were investigating.)

There is no legal obligation to speak to law enforcement officials.  You are only required to provide identification to law enforcement officials if asked, and immigrants are required to carry proof of immigration status at all times.  Declining to speak cannot be presumed as guilt.

Any statements made during contact with law enforcement can be used against you at a later time.  Lying to a federal officer, even by omission, is a crime.

Steps You Can Take:
1. Be Smart.  Protect yourself.  Know your rights: Watch the Muslim Advocates'"Got Rights?" video.   It provides crucial information about how to handle contact from law enforcement officials.  Click hereto view the video online.  
2. Protect your friends, family & community:  Forward this alert and share Muslim Advocates' "Got Rights?" videowith your networks and listservs.  (It's available in five languages: English, Arabic, Farsi, Somali and Urdu.)  
3. Learn more:  Join Muslim Advocates for a webinar to answer questions about how to safely and effectively work with law enforcement on Tuesday, May 25th at 12pm PST/ 2pm CST/ 3pm EST.  Click here to register.  
4. Say your lawyer will contact them:  If approached by the FBI or law enforcement, ask for their business cards and say that your lawyer will contact them.  
5. Seek an attorney:  For assistance locating an attorney in your area, please or contact Nura Maznavi or415.675.1495.